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bunjywunjy: cacklebarnacle: aidennestorm: riseru: aimmyarrowshigh: Ceramic artist Keiko Masumoto is intensely interested in the intersection of art and craft, whether a craft object can simply be decorative or if an artistic work can still remain functional. Her questions have resulted in a series of traditional ceramic plates, bowls, and vases embedded with unlikely objects from …


@mayalaen maybe some ideas if you’re thinking of renovating?

DAMN, I wish I would’ve seen this before I redid my bathroom a few years ago. OF course I can’t imagine this would up the resale value on the house, especially if it was in the part of the house a family would put the kids 😀


trisscar368: tammybobammy: teavenger: I wish I had eight arms too… I could crochet so much faster!!! 😂 Wow… those hooks… the investment! 😍💰💸 and btw: the octopus is pretty, too!! 🐙🌊 @formidablepassion @mayalaen I have almost no experience with knitting/crocheting and all that stuff, but this looks like it took time and skill. That thing …

sweetasscas: sosuperawesome: Fruit Cthulhu Pendants OCTOrine on Etsy See our #Etsy or #Octopus tags @mayalaen Both @sweetasscas and @helvonasche tagged me on this post. THANK YOU!! These are amazing!! I’m gonna tag @real-cephalopod-squad for this too 😀