Orgasm Buddy

Title: Orgasm Buddy
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Slash/Other
Rating: Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Relationship(s): Sam/Tentacle Monster
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Tentacle Monster, OFC
Tags: Bondage, Forced Orgasm, Sounding, Prostate Massage, Prostate Milking, Tentacles, Kidnapping, Begging, Crying, Crying Sam, Humiliation, Barbed Tentacles, Telepathy, Telepathic Bond, Witches, Monster of the Week, Crack, Supernatural Kink Meme, Humor, BAMF!Bobby
Word Count: 1829
Warning: This is non-con tentacle!fic.

Summary: Fill for an Anonymous Prompt. Dean listening to Sam scream. I don’t care too much about the context, could be anything, but I want to see Dean just listening to his little brother’s full-throated vocalization.

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Title Knockdownbr>
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash
Rating Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Pairing(s) Sam/Dean
Words 23,880
Timeline Season 8
Dean is letting Sam do whatever he wants to make things right between them, so although Dean consents, it’s dub-con and includes all the items in the tags below. There is talk (not explicit) of minors involved in sexual acts (Sam’s experiences when he was a teen) and Dean teaching Sam how to please his partners (verbal instruction), but there was NO actual sexual contact between them until now.
Curse, Minor Character Death, Witches, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, First Time, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Roleplay, Puppyplay, Ageplay, D/s, Crossdressing, Spanking/Erotic, Humiliation, Dirty Talk, Butt Plugs, Foreskin Play, Rough Sex.
Sam, Dean, OFC
Full Prompt
Sam and Dean aren’t getting along. (can be the current canon fight or something else). While working a case, Dean kills a witch and the witch’s partner curses him, telling Sam that unless he can teach Dean some humility in one week, Dean will die. If Sam tells Dean, he’ll die. Sam realizes he doesn’t want to lose his brother, despite their current quarrel. He doesn’t tell Dean about the curse, but he tells him that if he wants to make it up to Sam, he’ll do whatever Sam says/wants for a week. Sam might figure he’ll just boss Dean around for a week but the witch contacts him and tells him it’s not enough since Dean has always done things to make Sam happy. So Sam takes it up a notch and introduces a sexual element to it making Dean his sextoy. Up to author whether Sam has always wanted this or is surprised to find out he likes it. Kinks entirely up to author (preferably no scat) so long as there’s a certain element of humiliation involved to satisfy the curse. Bonus points if they decide, once the week is over, that they want to keep the sexual aspect of their relationship. How they get to the sextoy! part is up to author. I just want to see Dean at Sam’s beck and call sexually but not necessarily permanently.
Summary Dean’s been cursed, and Sam knows how to break it, but he can’t tell Dean. Sam’s got six days to figure this out, and he’ll lose his brother if he doesn’t.