didn’t take a genius to figure out when your girlfriend was hiding
something, although Charlie undoubtedly was a genius. So it was
pretty easy to realise that Sarah was keeping something under wraps.
First it was small things. A good sense of smell. Like, super good.
Sarah shrugged off her amazing schnoz and Charlie followed her lead.
Then it was the fact that dogs rarely came anywhere near Sarah. Even
the friendliest ones at the park running after Frisbees and getting
pats from passerbys. Then there was the fact that not only did they
not have dates around the full moon- ever- but Sarah was downright
impossible to get hold of at that time of the month.

with all those little things, the answer was clear. Her girlfriend
was a werewolf.

didn’t bother Charlie as much as some people might expect. If
anything she was excited. How cool was it that her girlfriend was a
real, live werewolf? Of course she had a lot of questions. Were we
talking American Werewolf in London wolf or Twilight wolf? Half and
half or all canine? Bloodthirsty monster or misunderstood
mythological creature? Enquiring minds needed to know!

waited until the day before the full moon to bring it up. Sarah was
antsy as she let Charlie in to her house. “Charlie, this is a bad
time. You know I’m really busy at the moment.” Here eyes dropped.
She hated lying to Charlie but she was completely in love with the
redhead. Charlie loved things that were geeky or freaky, but would
lycanthrope be too far even for her? Sarah couldn’t take that risk.
Charlie waited until the door was shut and tipped Sarah’s chin up
before giving her a brief kiss. She smiled, trying to look reassuring
rather than exciting, but damn! She couldn’t wait for everything to
be out in the open.

we sit down? I promise I won’t be here for ages if you don’t want me
to be.” Charlie promised. Sarah immediately shook her head.

it’s not that I don’t want you here. I always wish I could spend more
time with you.” She did take a seat, Charlie sitting beside her and
taking her hands. Her heart dropped. “Charlie… Are you- breaking
up with me?” Her voice cracked, eyes going wide at the thought.

No, god, of course not. I love you, babe.” Charlie blurted out
quickly. “No. I just, oh hell. I wanted to let you know that I
know. I mean, that you’re a werewolf.” Well, there it goes.

stiffened. “I- why would you say that?” Her mind was racing.
Hadn’t she tried so hard to keep it hidden? Charlie refused to let go
of Sarah’s hands.

don’t care that you’re a werewolf. I just wanted you to know you
didn’t have to hide it from me. I think it’s really cool!” Sarah
was trying to catch up but she was slow from shock and Charlie kept
talking. “I have all sorts of questions, like were you bitten? Were
you born a werewolf? Are there lots of other like you? Are vampires
real too? How does it feel to shit? Can you become a full wolf or
some half form? Do you remember everything from when you are shifted?
Can you only shift when there’s a full moon or-”

stop!” Sarah finally said, half exasperated and half fond. The
woman was crazy, but Sarah loved her too much to care. “I’ll answer
your questions but just give me a minute, okay? Do you want a drink?”
Charlie nodded.

please. Sorry.” She flushed, knowing she had gone a bit overboard.
Sarah nodded and went to the kitchen and for a moment Charlie
panicked at the thought that her girlfriend may run away, silly
though it was. Sarah didn’t take long to return with two beers. She
handed one to Charlie and then took a sip of hers before putting it

interrupting.” Sarah said sternly, making Charlie’s eyes glitter as
she responded coyly.

ma’am.” Sarah licked her lips, reminding herself that this was not
the time.

There are both bitten and born lycanthropes. Bitten ones have a
harder time controlling everything. Themselves, the shift, their
instincts. I was born.” She paused, but she trusted Charlie.
Charlie was the most open and loving and trustworthy person she had
ever known. “My parents are both shifters. I was raised in a close
knit pack. There are probably a lot of packs but we’re all spread
out. Territory is important. Vampires exist but I’ve never run into
one.” She paused, taking a sip of her beer and trying to remember
the rest of Charlie’s stream of questions. “I can shift anytime and
shift into a full wolf. The full moon makes it harder to control the
instincts. I remember everything though. Me and the wolf, we aren’t
separate creatures. I am my wolf and my wolf is me.” Sarah
explained. “Is that what you wanted to know?”

had been sitting quietly (almost). She had been wiggling with
excitement, taking it all in. She squealed and threw her arms around
Sarah. “That is so cool! Thanks for telling me. I didn’t know how
to tell you I knew but I didn’t want you to keep hiding it. I love
you no matter what, you know that right?”

eyes watered, she snuggled right into the hug and responded to the
question by kissing Charlie. Charlie hadn’t expected it, but
responded immediately. Their lips pressed and slid, Charlie opening
to welcome Sarah in. Sarah’s tongue dove in to the offered warmth,
stroking against Charlie’s and taking control. Charlie moaned and
went pliant, Sarah revelling in how Charlie gave her total trust.
Even after hearing about what she was.

made out for what seemed like ages, hands not really wandering, just
letting their  lips share how they felt. A little breathless, Sarah
and Charlie broke apart. Hesitantly, forehead against Charlie’s,
Sarah asked, “Do you want to see me shift?” Charlie laughed