Title: We’ve Got Magic To Do
Pairing: Charlie x Gilda x Jo
Word Count: 795
Warnings: Explicit F/F sex, explicit f/f/f threesome, magic in sex, pwp
Written for the anon who asked Mayalaen if she knew of any smutty Charlie x Gilda x Jo fics

Gilda likes to observe, likes to watch. Especially when she has such interesting things to watch and Charlie and Jo together are very interesting, to every part of her. The three of them have had plenty of fun exploring all the ways they can make each other feel good at once- one of Gilda’s favorites had been the night she’d been tied to their bed while Charlie fucked her with a strap-on and Jo had ridden her mouth to get off- but sometimes she liked to see her human girlfriends with each other.

At least, that’s what she’d told Charlie and Jo when they’d taken her hands and brought her into the bedroom. Something about Jo coming back from a hunt always made the three of them eager to get naked and show each other just how much they meant t one another. But Gilda had something else in her mind for that night.

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Thank you so much for writing this! I hope the Anon Who Was Asking About This sees it!

And thank you, @bendoverandbiteyourgag for letting me know. Tumblr didn’t tell me and I would’ve missed this completely!