Title: Sexy Side of the Moon

Pairing: JimmyxCastiel, JodyxDonna, BeckyxSam, MegxCharlie, MegxCharliexJodyxDonna, DeanxJimmyxCastielxBennyxEli

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 10,724

Notes: Written for the Supernatural Originality Big Bang. 

Summary: Dean and his brother Sam are room mates with their best friends Charlie
and the angel twins Castiel and Jimmy in a podplex on the moon. All of
them work at the artificial meat processing plant, but pretty much
everyone who lives on the moon works there too. The day to day is as
boring and routine as it probably is most places, but they find ways to
amuse themselves. Every year, they get together in groups to play a LARP
in the coveted SkyDome, the only open field on the moon where people
convene to host games and events. Jody and Donna are in on a shipment
run, and Benny, Eli, and Meg all come up from the subterranean tunnels
with their band of underground friends to play too. It’s a wild weekend
of beating each other with foam swords, drinking, and hooking up. But
this weekend will change everything for Dean’s little group of friends
and family.

Tags: Alternate Universe / Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics / Alpha Dean / Omega Sam / Omega Charlie / Beta Jody / Alpha Donna / Alpha Becky / Mpreg / everyone lives on the moon / Bees / LARPing / Sunglasses / A game of Sorry / Crying / Shy Dean / Hurt/Comfort / Ruby’s knife set / she’s Sam’s ex / Dragons / or at least dragon roleplay and angels who are body painted / Mating Cycles/In Heat / alpha females have clit dicks / Drinking / tent orgies / Public Sex / Biting / Sandwiches / Supernatural Originality Big Bang / I did it man I included all my tags and prompts / this fic is such a goddam clusterfuck / I Don’t Even Know / POV Alternating / Crack / Humor / Twincest

Link: On Ao3 Here

Bookmarking this for later and reblogging before I’ve even read it because I just KNOW I’m going to like it 😀