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@mayalaen what’s chastity :)??

There are tons of different styles, but most often it’s something like this for men

and this for women

The female version obviously keeps her from playing with herself or a dick getting in there.

For the guys, the device loops around the balls too, and when used with the lock, it’s impossible to get it off without the
key. When a guy’s dick is locked in there, getting hard hurts, though it’s fun to play with them a little bit just to make it somewhat uncomfortable, but you have to be careful because long-term you can get sores from it and if a guy CAN’T get himself to calm down, you need to get the device off him or you’ll do damage.

Both the male and female versions allow you to urinate while wearing them, so if you’re careful, you can wear these for an extended period of time.

But it’s definitely a trust issue if you put one of these things on and hand the key to someone else!