IDK if my ask got through because Internet went down, didn’t want to be a nuisance by sending the same ask again but now I can’t contain myself. I’ve had an idea for a time travel fic for two years now, and always wanted to write it. Only, I never started it. And now, with one week left for posting, I doubt I can write it, considering it’s lengthy. If only I could travel back in time, heh. Worse, I’ve left the fandom. Wishing you the best for the future! <3 Thank you for everything, honestly.

Looks like this is the only one we got but i’m glad you wrote again!

I encourage you to make that fic and make it great!  I have all the faith in the world that you and your beautiful muse can create magnificence!  Don’t worry about the comp because we will always promo fics and give virtual gold stars and trophies to people at anytime!

Our mods have an amazing sister blog that will also support all the fics @allspnships 

Anyho I am here for cheerleading and just general yay-ness and loving!