my dog twangs the door stoppers when she’s pissed that i won’t let her out into the main part of the house

She doesn’t bark or whine or poke at me or anything, she just goes out into the hallway and walks over the two door stoppers there.

My mom thinks she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but I think my dog totally knows what she’s doing. If the gate is open and she’s walking through my hallway because she wants to be there instead of being made to be there, she never twangs the door stoppers. It’s only when the gate is closed that she does this 😀

She wants to visit my parents, especially my mom.

My chihuaua loves fish, pork, and croissants.



I have no idea what she loves about croissants, but if she smells anyone eating any of the above things, she gets glassy-eyed and shivers at your feet until she gets some.

Tonight I finished eating a croissant sandwich I’d made for myself, of which she’d already had some of the ham, the cheese, and the croissant, but when she realized I was done and I did the “all gone” signal, she harrumphed at me, then sat behind me, letting out little huffs a few times a minute for almost 10 minutes.

She finally realized I wasn’t going to go back out to the kitchen and get her a croissant to eat all by herself, she gave me a final huff and conked out on her bed.

you have a chihuahua! I loved min/e, although he died a few years ago (from a tick) but he lives on in memory.

And our jackrussely thing takes herself out to self serve tomatoes, peas, macadamias, and coffee berries. amongst other things!

Aww, sorry about your chi 🙁

My chihuahua (Amy) almost died 12 years ago when she was a puppy because the THREE vets I took her to swore to me that the (quite expensive) dog food I was feeding her couldn’t have anything to do with how sick she was.  Once she was weaned off her mother, she did okay for a couple months, then she started losing her coat and losing weight even though she was eating more than the recommended amount (I was doing this so she would gain weight) of dog food.

I’m glad I didn’t listen to the vets.  After trying out three very well-respected brands of dog food over the first six months I had her, I started doing intense research and figured out exactly what a chihuahua needs in their diet.  Ever since then she eats what and when I eat.

I wouldn’t recommend this for everybody because it took a lot of research, and if you don’t do it right you can kill your dog, but she’s the healthiest dog me and my family have ever had at over 13 years old with a beautiful coat, no cataracts, healthy teeth, and she runs around like a puppy.

Chihuahuas need more carbohydrates than other dogs (they have problems with low blood sugar), which is why I have no problem giving her bites of croissants, but she also loves veggies, fruits (which make her coat beautiful), a wide variety of meets and cheeses (not every breed can handle cheese), and pretty much anything I eat with the exception of onions and grapes and a few other things.  I also give her a packet of FortiFlora about twice a week just to be sure.

It was a little difficult when I first started, but it’s become second nature and everybody in the family picked up on what I give her, so she politely makes the rounds whenever we eat or when family comes over for dinner.

It’s adorable that your dog serves herself outside.  If we had a garden, I know Amy would be doing the same thing 🙂