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My therapist always tells me to do the thing non-crazy me would do. sometimes i find her more convincing than others. even though i think she is often right, i also have a much, much better life since i started being signif more salty so there that too.

anyways, cant say i have any good advice really, just masses of sympathy/empathy. all my hugs and warm wishes to you. <3 <3

Your therapist sounds smart. Smarter than the handful of shitty therapists I’ve tried (and since gave up on) over the years. Maybe keep her 😀

I have a much better life after becoming more stubborn, taking less shit from people, and gaining some confidence in myself. I used to let people walk all over me and I’d do anything for them. I also got hurt all the time by people.

Psychotic episodes have been both a good and bad thing for me, because my biggest one at the age of 25 changed my personality so drastically that those changes I listed above? All that happened when I had that episode. I don’t know where I’d be if that hadn’t made me a bit of a bitch 🙂

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you are such a mellow blogger. if they managed to make you salty, their absence is no doubt a favor to us all.

But the strangest part is I wasn’t even salty with them. It was friendly. Although their name was fairly generic, so maybe I was trying to interact with a pr0n blog and they just happened to get deleted after I interacted.

Whatever it was, I’m going to take it as a Tumblr achievement 😉