i think the only good thing to come out of sam getting strangled by that guy is if he discovered he had a breathplay kink in the process

Sooo, I have a bit of a headcanon regarding this.

Supernatural stuff can see/feel/sense things we can’t, and from the beginning of the show Sam has been strangled like a million times. I don’t think it’s a coincidence any more than Dean getting felt up against his will by every baddie.

I think the baddies KNOW it’s something that gets to them. Maybe Dean likes a little rough play with his consent, so they twist it. Maybe Sam loves breathplay, so hey, let’s choke the guy every chance we get.

Pretty much just messing with them every time whether it’s instinctual or consciously on the part of the baddies.

I hope you didn’t mind my jumping in there 🙂