Title: Ride on, Zorro

Pairing: DeanxZorro

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 1,044

Notes: I had to. Come on guys. I had to. @pecanpiedean, I hear you too enjoy sub Dean and face slapping?

She’s still got the fucking mask on.

And the hat.

Christ she’s stark naked, godawful tan lines on her tits and bikini area, strip of black silk across her face with these intense hazel eyes watching him, and that ridiculous hat on. And she is just going wild.

Hell yeah Dean is here for this.

God, Halloween is officially his favorite holiday. It just brings out the inner slut in everyone.

Dean had a pretty good costume, if he could say so himself. All he had to buy was the hat and whip, he had a shirt and pants that were good enough to pass for Indiana Jones.

His hat is in the corner.

The whip is currently tied around his wrists and lashed to the headboard.

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