replied to your post “@unforth-ninawaters
replied to your post “@unforth-ninawaters

Oh gooood no on a 6 yo? Even if he thinks he wants it at that age that’s just too young! I was a really pain averse kid and my first piercings were constantly infected cause, well, I was a kid and didn’t take proper care. Even with that they were open for like six years, and I accidentally repierced them by hand my senior year of hs cause I wanted to wear earrings and didn’t realize they’d healed. The holes are still visible but not through-and-through. I didn’t return

She showed me her 9-year-old who was at about 0 gauge and said “we had those done!” And it’s like… well perhaps you were in a shitty place that allows people do to that to kids. *shrug*  She wasn’t happy.

I don’t think any of the kids were really into it. They were kinda meh about the whole thing instead of “But I really wanted that!!”

@unforth-ninawaters said:
to circumcision…as soon as I read up even a little I was like no way
never doing that to my son’s if I have them (and then of course I did
so). To my surprise my mom was really upset at first, “if he doesn’t
have a brist and a circumcision he’s not Jewish” from the woman who
doesn’t keep kosher and skips major holidays cause she doesn’t feel like
it. I flat out said I didn’t care, though, and she eventually got used
to the idea. And its been fine. Easy.
No dick cheese.

*I* know that. Plenty of other people know that. You know that. I was in the medical field for YEARS and told her that penises are actually more healthy with the extra skin they were FUCKING BORN WITH and they have more sensation, less chance of getting STDs, etc. She didn’t wanna hear any of it.

Her son’s foreskin was tight and the opening wasn’t big enough to pull back and expose the head, so she was freaking out. I told her it was okay, penises can take care of themselves, and the hole would get bigger as he got older. It was a no-go.

They messed up the circumcision and he’s got kind of a little bump on the one side. Thankfully it didn’t take away sensation in that area, but it just irks me people do this to their kids even though it’s healthier to leave it AND there’s more sensation in the penis AND the surgery itself is traumatic. Then there’s the people who do it for “aesthetics.” Like really?! Fuck you. It’s a penis. It’s fine!