I know no one’s talking about it (or cares) but I think Claire Novak’s “immaturity” and “attitude problem” stem largely from the fact that she’s been let down, neglected, and betrayed by nearly every adult in her life before she even turned 18 and that kind of thing leaves huge emotional wounds that often manifest as anger and defiance. And I also think, rather than playing into “rebellious teenage stereotypes” an exploration of this anger and the fear, pain, and disappointment that caused it would be an excellent way to deal with her character. Just sayin’. 

Part of what I like about Claire is she didn’t just accept everything
quietly. It’s not REAL to just go oh well, all that shit happened and
I’m okay. It rounded her out as a character to be bitter and hurt over things while not turning away from the people who are still there.

She still has a connection to Jody, Cas, Sam, and Dean, but she’s been dealt a bad hand many times over. She’s trying, and she’s damaged, but damn that girl went and became a kickass hunter who really cares about people instead of flitting off and just being a… I don’t know, college student?

Not that a college student is bad, but she made her own choices, took charge of things, and deals with the pain on a daily basis in the most constructive way she can. And yet she still appreciates what everyone has done for her, despite how much she’s been hurt by it all.

I really thought when we saw Claire again after she grew up a bit we’d see a wilting flower, but instead she embodies what we want from a lot of the other female characters who have died on the show. Badass female hunter? She’s it!

Claire’s still there, still fighting, and damn if I don’t respect her for it. And if anyone doesn’t like her attitude, try having an angel possess your father, then get him killed, then your mother is killed, all the while realizing the world is full of FUCKING CRAZY SCARY SHIT, and then tell me you don’t have an attitude or issues.

That got longer than I meant it to.

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