Bombas socks are amazing for people with sensory issues or just people who want awesome socks! I’ve used Hanes for years, but about a year ago they changed the quality, and they all suck and are terrible for my sensory overload issues. The creators of Bombas Socks used Hanes as a template, then changed everything …

Octopus & Tentacle Clothing Thanks to @wingsandimpalas for finding these amazing pieces. If you want to check them all out (seriously this place has two pages full of octopus stuff), just go to Dresslily DOT com and search for the word octopus. The clothes above are only a few! There’s a shower curtain, an ice …


so to any plus size friends following me: torrid is opening a new store called lovesick, and from what i heard through the grapevine at work, it is going to be a more affordable alternative to torrid. from what i can tell, they’re trying to compete with forever 21′s plus size market, but with actual plus size clothing and not junior’s plus.

anyway, to anyone shopping plus size (their sizes are 10-26, so close to what torrid’s is [although now torrid has 10-30 online, 10-28 in store now!]) who is broke as hell and still wants to look cute, but is also not in a place to spend all your money on one outfit (which is where i would be if i didn’t get an employee discount), it’s hopefully going to be a good alternative. 

i just thought i’d spread the word, and let you all know they have a website now ( and you can sign up for their mailing list to get notified of when they go live (and if they are anything like torrid, you’ll probably get promos and coupons in emails).

edit: forgot to mention! they are hiring, but even if you aren’t interested in a job, clicking the button that says “join the team” or apply or whatever it says (i don’t have the site open, sorry), will give you a list of stores they are opening in the coming months! so that way you can find out if they will have one near you!