Idk if Jensen really flashed Misha his dick, maybe he had something in his pants? Like if someone showed me their dick I wouldn’t say, “What the fuck is that?” Then look shocked and say “What is that?” More seriously. Like it’s a penis. Why would I be so shocked?


*shifty eyes*

New PA piercing? Pretty lace panties? Pubic hair shaved into a heart? Animal print boxers? Boxers that totally matched Misha’s?

No, I haven’t put any thought into this at all 😀

mayalaen: Pairing(s): Jensen/Misha – CocklesTags: rps, slash, drugs, foodplay, first time, sensual sexLink: spnkinkmeme Prompt: Misha has an open door policy for his friends, which has lead to Jensen walking in on some interesting moments, but this one takes the cake. Misha had been brainstorming for GISHWHES and decided his creative juices needed a little …