The 2016 Cockles Big Bang is happening, and writer signups close on February 9; so just over a week from now! We already have a lot of incredible writers (and artists) signed up, but we would love to have even more, currently it’s still not too late to sign up as either or both! The minimum requirement is 3k with the first draft deadline still over a month away, so there’s plenty of time for writing to get done, and the more Cockles fics we have out there, the better! So if you’re considering signing up, then it would be amazing to have you on board.

The rules can be found here, the timeline can be found here, and the signup link can be found here. If you have any other questions, our askbox is open! If you don’t want to participate but are still excited to read all the fics then please signal boost – we love and appreciate our cheerleaders a huge amount!

Just a few days to go now, last chance to sign up if you want to!

I’m missing something, what’s cockles big bang?



Ummm I’m still not really sure,  but from what I gather is that you sign up to either write a fic or make art  (or both) and then authors and artists get paired together to create a Cockles fic and accompanying artwork by a certain date.  Then all the work is revealed at once,  thus overflowing tumblr with Cocklesy goodness. 

But,  I may be wrong …

You can find all the information you need on their tumblr if you’re interested  @clutzy-cas 🙂

I signed up for this ridiculousness. I don’t write a lot of RPS, and this is totally @angrysouffle‘s fault 😀