Title: Runaway 

Ship: Sastiel, Sam/Claire, Sam/Cas/Claire

Rating: Explicit 

Link: AO3

Word count: 1540

Created for @spnpolybingo

Square: CastielClaireSam

Tags: Soulless!Sam, possessed!Claire, angelic possession, possession, dubcon, loss of virginity, vaginal sex, top!Sam, bossy!Castiel, demon!Dean, King of Hell Dean, Queen of Hell Abaddon, angst, cock warming, marathon sex, canon divergence, s10 au. 

Summary: She can’t afford anything nicer than dirty sheets, cockroaches, rooming next to prostitutes and she’s not sure when he’ll show – but she stays in her motel room and imagines the relief she’ll feel when he says yes.

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Claire lasts two days with Jody and Alex before she runs.

Running is nothing new. For years she’s ditched foster homes. She escaped from people interested in collecting a paycheck and nothing more. Stayed away from those who wanted her for her body.

She’s gotta admit that living with Jody would have been far better than all that crap. But that doesn’t make it a good fit. She’s barely holding it together on a good day and she doesn’t really want Jody to see her on a bad one. She can’t do it, it’s too hard.

If the world was shit before it’s utter chaos now. Word on the street is Dean Winchester is a demon and currently ruling Hell with Abaddon, so flying solo isn’t really an option either. From what Claire has seen their goal is to set the world on fire and watch it burn. Whatever survives must bow before the new King and Queen of Hell.

This is not the world she wants to live in.

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The Intern


Title The Intern
Link AO3
Square Filled Cockwarming
Ship Sam/Castiel – Sastiel
Rating Explicit
Tags Alternate Universe – Lawyers; Intern Sam; Lawyer Castiel; Dom/sub; Dom Castiel; Sub Sam Winchester; Top Castiel; Bottom Sam Winchester; Cock Warming; Butt Plugs; Anal Sex; Semi-Public Sex; Anal Fingering; Office Sex; Strangers to Lovers

Sam Winchester has scored an internship at one of the most prodigious law firms in the city: Milton & Novak. One day, Sam catches the eye of senior partner Castiel Novak and his life is turned upside down.
Word Count 1286
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

Getting an intern position at Milton & Novak had been a dream come true for Sam Winchester. One of the top law firms in the city, interning for them over the summer break was going to look excellent on his resumé and he’d counted on that simple fact. But what Sam had not counted on was catching the attention of one of the senior partners: Castiel Novak.

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