that one time on a show taron was introduced after colin’s solo segment and he came out hugging the man for a solid two minutes despite them coming to the show together and had sat in the waiting room for a long time then proceeded to gradually shift his entire body to align itself shoulders to knees next to colin for the rest of their interview

Spread the news, we all fall victims to Taron being adorable/clingy/hearty-eyes with a Daddy-material man in the same movies lol






will I ever escape from this hell

… you WANT to escape from this hell?

This place is AWESOME! Right, @mockingjaybeevicious, @sherlockianonfire91, and everyone else? 

I approve of this hell and request more.


Okay, but Hugh, Colin, and Taron all in a movie together, please.

*cough* @smightymcsmighterton *cough*

I mean they’re all adorable, but that “I’m not weak” one just killed me!! So cute!

colinfirthdaily: Colin Firth getting publicly dumped on by coffee in order to draw attention to what Oxfam says is one of the major causes of world hunger. ”The world’s biggest coffee companies make millions, while 25 million growers face ruin”, Colin said. – Nov 27, 2004 (x)