new fic: when i was young

Written for @spnpolybingo
Title: When I Was Young
Pairing(s): Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Lucifer
Word Count: 2k
Rating: R/Mature/Not Explicit
poly relationships, enemies to lovers, past bullying, apologies, blowjobs, voyeurism, first time
@spnpolybingo Square: Enemies to Lovers
Link: AO3

Sam talked Dean into coming over for dinner because he wants Dean to
meet his boyfriend.  Only problem is, Dean and Sam had a rough childhood
thanks to the very man Sam’s now dating.

A/N: Thanks to @unforth-ninawaters for the prompt help on this one!

Dean didn’t like it.  Didn’t like it at all.  
Didn’t want that asshole touching his little brother no matter how much
Sam said the man had changed since they were all kids.

But then
Sam gave him puppy eyes.  Even pulled out a pout.  Dean couldn’t resist.
 Never had been able to resist it before, and somehow it snowballed
until Dean was sitting in the bastard’s living room, waiting while the
little prick who had tormented them as kids finished making dinner.

“Just give him a chance,” Sam said, keeping his voice low so Luc wouldn’t hear them.

“I am.  I said I would,” Dean said with a nod, then scowled toward the kitchen from his seat on the bastard’s couch.

“He grew up,” Sam said.

I said I’d give him a chance,” Dean said, left knee jiggling as he
reached up to loosen his tie.  His stupid tie his little brother made
him wear to meet his boyfriend.

Okay, so, not just his boyfriend.  His fucking roommate for the last six months and
his fucking boyfriend.  Yeah, Sam had managed to keep it a secret for
six fucking months.  Dean still couldn’t figure out how he’d done it.

it was the random blowjobs whenever Dean started asking about his
social life and how he was doing at college.  Damn, that was probably


Dean looked up at the man, who was wearing
nothing but blue jeans and a green T-shirt that appeared to have been as
old as the man wearing it.  Dean nodded and took the beer from the same
man who had shoved Sam into a locker, where no one had found him for a
full period.

“Thanks,” Dean said, giving him a tight smile.

“Beer, sweet cheeks?” Luc asked as he turned to Sam and held out another ice-cold bottle.

“Behave,” Sam said under his breath as he took the beer.

the perfect host!” Luc said, grinning as he backed out of the room,
arms out at his sides and just as innocent as a cat who had already had
it’s fill of the bird it had captured.

“Sam,” Dean said, and it
was more of a sigh than an actual spoken word, but Dean didn’t know if
he could take much more.  He didn’t want to see that slimy asshole’s
hands all over his brother.  Not when all he could picture was little
Sammy’s tear-stained cheeks and snot-encrusted nose when he’d finally
pulled his baby brother out of the locker.

“No,” Sam said, shaking his head.  "You’re not getting out of this until you’ve spent at least an hour here.  You promised.“

Dean rolled his eyes and picked at the label on his beer.  "My dick was ready to explode when you made me promise.”

Sam grinned.  "Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact.“

Dean had a weakness for blowjobs.  Who didn’t?  He downed the rest of
the beer, then set the bottle on the coffee table.  It was mahogany.  
Real wood.  Not the pressed board they’d always had in the shitty
apartments they lived in.  But then, Luc didn’t grow up poor.  Mommy and
Daddy paid for college and the apartment.

"Food’s ready!”
Luc announced, walking into the living room with bowls and plates
balanced on both arms.  He unloaded the plates with the help of Sam.

“You don’t want to eat at the table?” Dean asked as he took a plate from Sam.

it’s more comfortable in here,” Luc said, scooting closer to Sam and
sprawling on the couch like he owned it.  Which he did.  "Finger food
doesn’t need to be eaten at the table anyway.“

Dean still didn’t
like him.  The smirk.  The cocky attitude.  The stupid spiky hair.  The
fucking smirk, if he hadn’t already mentioned it.

"So, where you been for the last three weeks?” Lucifer asked as he picked up his hamburger and took a huge bite.

lifted a sweet potato French fry up and scowled at it for a moment
before setting it back down.  "Florida.  Had some business down there.“

missed you,” Luc said, wiping his mouth with the back of his left hand
while his right hand came to rest on Sam’s left thigh.  His upper thigh.

Dean tensed.  "Yeah, I missed him too.“

"I kept him company while you were gone,” Luc said, then winked, fucking winked at Dean.

Dean wanted to shove every single sweet potato piece on his plate up Lucifer’s nose.  "I bet you did.“

fingers of Lucifer’s right hand moved absently over Sam’s thigh.  
Closer to Sam’s crotch than could be called strictly platonic.  It was
done for Dean’s benefit, and Dean really didn’t appreciate it.

what do your parents do?” Dean asked, changing the subject in a way
that would hopefully distract Luc enough that he’d get his filthy hand
off Sam’s thigh.

“Investment banking,” Luc said.

Dean tensed
even more as Lucifer’s right hand fucking cupped Sam’s crotch.  Right
there!  Right in front of Dean in their apartment.  Eating dinner.  Sam
didn’t even seem surprised.  He just kept inhaling his burger like his
boyfriend wasn’t groping him while Dean sat just a few feet away.

boring stuff,” Luc said with a shrug.  "They want me to take over the
company when they’re ready to retire.  That’s why I’m getting my
degree.“  Sam was getting hard.

"At least try the fries,” Sam said, then popped one in his own mouth.  "They’re good.“

decided not to argue.  Sam would win anyway.  He always did, which was
why Dean was in this situation in the first place.  He shoved one of the
fries into his mouth, completely prepared to hate it, but then frowned
when it actually tasted good.  It was sweet, which he wasn’t expecting,
and crunchy too.

"Well?” Luc drawled, way too confident.  He knew without a doubt Dean liked his stupid food and was grinning.

“It’s good,” Dean said.

Sam’s favorite,” Luc said, turning to look at Sam, that cocky and
confident expression changing in an instant.  "I make them for him
whenever I can.“

Dean forgot to breathe for a moment, eyes
widening as he watched the man sitting next to his brother melt.  His
features softened, and he smiled, but it was a genuine smile instead of a
smirk.  And when Sam turned to look at him, Luc leaned in and gave him a
quick, chaste peck on the cheek before chuckling and taking another
bite of his burger.

Well, fuck.  The stupid dork was in love with
Sam.  No doubt about it.  Hearts in his eyes and a schmoopy smile on his
face.  Dean felt it like a punch to the chest.  The same asshole of a
kid who had thrown all of Sam’s clothes into the pool while Sam was in
the showers had gone and fallen in love with Dean’s baby brother.

he had changed.  Maybe he realized what an asshole he’d been and
decided that was a really awful thing to be.  Maybe he’d been hurt by
somebody else, and it was the wake-up call he needed.  Maybe he’d just
grown up.  Whatever had happened, the man sitting across from Dean was
holding up a sweet potato and feeding it to Sam instead of holding him
down on the floor of the cafeteria and shoving mashed potatoes down his

"I know you only promised an hour,” Luc said after wiping
some stray crumbs from Sam’s lower lip, “but I’d really appreciate it if
you stayed to watch a movie or something.  Sam’s really missed you.”

“I have to get back,” Dean lied, and as Luc lowered the zipper on Sam’s jeans, he forgot to breathe again.

chance you might reconsider?” Luc asked, slipping his fingers into
Sam’s jeans as Sam let out a little whimper.  "It doesn’t have to be a
movie.  We’re up for anything you’d like to do.“

Dean swallowed
the food in his mouth, but his mouth had gone dry.  He choked, eyes
watering as he reached forward and grabbed his bottle of beer.  He
tipped it up, but it was empty.  

"Hang on,” Luc said as he jumped up from the couch and set his plate down on the coffee table.  "I’ll get you something.“

coughed trying to get his throat to calm the fuck down, and by the time
Luc came back into the living room with a glass of water, Dean was
wiping tears from his eyes and clearing his throat instead of stuck in
the middle of a coughing spasm.

"Thanks,” Dean croaked, taking the glass from Luc.  He took a few long swallows, then set the glass on the coffee table.

Luc sat down next to him.  "You okay?“ he asked, reaching out to pat Dean’s back.

froze, his plate resting on his left upturned palm as he tried to
figure out why the fuck Luc felt it necessary to begin rubbing his back
and moving closer.

A warm hand slid over his chest, then pushed
him back against the couch, Luc looking him in the eye as he scooted
even closer.  Dean was so distracted by what Luc was doing, he didn’t
see Sam moving until a hand palmed his crotch.  He thought it was Luc,
but one of Luc’s hands was on his back, the other on his chest, and Dean
looked down to see his little brother kneeling between his legs,
grinning up at him.

"Fuck,” Dean breathed

That was all Luc
had been waiting for.  He took the plate from Dean and set it on the
coffee table, then leaned in and captured his lips in a kiss as Sam
unbuttoned Dean’s fly and pulled his cock out, those perfect lips
wrapping around Dean’s half-hard cock.

Dean closed his eyes as Luc
cupped the sides of his head and licked the seam of Dean’s lips.  Dean
groaned, opening his mouth and letting Luc suck on his bottom lip for a
moment before pulling back to look down at him.

“As I explained to
Sam when we met up with each other here about eight months ago,” Luc
said, looking down at Dean like he’d been given a gift, “I had a
ridiculously huge schoolboy crush on both of you.  Emotionally stunted
me thought the best way to handle those feelings was to torment the both
of you, and I’m very sorry for what I did.  There’s no excuse for it,
no matter how distant my parents were.”

Dean blinked up at him,
his entire view of the man changing with the new information.  No, there
wasn’t an excuse for what he’d done to them, but it was an explanation.
 And he was apologizing.

“I’d completely understand if you wanted
nothing to do with me,” Luc said, “but I love your brother so fucking
much that I had to take a chance.  Had to see if you’d be willing to
work this out too.  Beg you for a chance to show you how sorry I am and
that I’ve learned how to deal with it.”

Sam let Dean’s cock fall out of his mouth and looked up at him.  "He fucked up.  A lot.  But I forgave him.“

smiled at Sam, and it lit up his face.  The skin at the corners of his
eyes crinkling.  Dean could easily see how genuine the love was, and how
much Luc cared for Sam.

"Will you give me a chance?” Luc asked,
looking Dean in the eye again.  "I never thought I’d be able to have
Sam, and even dreaming that I’d get both of you is probably just a
fantasy, but-“

"Shut up,” Dean said, reaching up to grab a handful
of that stupidly spiky hair and pulling him down, kissing him as Luc
groaned, body melting against Dean’s as they all pulled at each other’s
clothing and desperately tried to make up for lost time.

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College roommates Dean and Cas getting drunk together one night and they start talking about their sexual experiences.

“You’ve fucked with girls?” Dean asked.

“Yeah. You?”

“Yeah. And guys.”

“Me too. More than girls.” Castiel said.

“Oh. Cool. You like to top or bottom more?”

“Both but if I’d have to choose I’d say I like bottoming more.”

“Fuck, that’s nice.” Dean grinned and took another sip of his beer.

“What, that I like to bottom?” Cas chuckled and looked up to his roommate.

“Yeah. I can imagine you begging to get fucked, fucking screaming while getting your ass pounded.” Dean smirked and looked Cas up and down.

“I don’t beg.” Cas laughed.

“Oh, I’d make you beg.” Dean winked and Cas smirked back at him.

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh, yeah. Big time.” Dean licked his lips and for a moment they just stared at each other with matching grins on their faces.

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Title: One Daddy Too Many (also on AO3)

Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabe (established)

Rating: T

Word count: ~1400

tags/warnings: humour, embarrassment, mild daddy kink, au, Sam and Gabe are Dean’s parents, college au, holiday fic, fluff,

a/n: written for @tricksterangelgabriel​, based entirely on their ficlet, (found right here – go read it and love it!). It’s also my fill for @spnkinkbingo​ for the “incest kink” square (in this case, being mild daddy kink)

this is part of the little!dean verse (on ao3 here, or I have no idea how you will find it in the mess that is my tumblr), although Dean is a teen.


“Maybe this is a bad idea.” Actually there was no question about it. It was a bad idea. It was definitely a bad idea. It was a shame Dean didn’t realise it before they’d driven the six hours from college and were standing right outside his parents door.

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Okay, this was TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!