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That awkward moment when a client asks you if you got hired at your company just out of college and you’re trying to avoid telling them that you didn’t really go to college…

Nobody in my family on either side went to college, yet all of us own our own businesses, own our houses, and own our cars outright.

I own and manage a tattoo shop and tattoo supply shop and it was in the black (making money) just six months after opening. Most retail stores hope to make it there by 5 years.

College has nothing to do with intelligence (my IQ is 185-195 depending on what test I take) or experience, and my friends who went to college were shocked by how little their degrees meant when it came down to getting hired.

It’s all smarts, experience, and practical application of skills that gets you hired and moving up in a company. The first place that hired me did so even though I was still in high school because I’d already been doing the job under someone else since I was 12. They didn’t care AT ALL that I hadn’t been to college or that I was still in high school.

The friends I had who went to vocational schools or apprenticed under family members or friends who were working in a particular field did better than those who went to 4-year colleges.

I’m not saying college is bad, but it doesn’t make or break you. Anybody who considers you less than because you didn’t go can suck it 😀