Title: Right on the tip of my tongue
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Rating: M
Kinks/Warnings: facials, come play, dominant!Sam, size kink, manhandling, naked Dean, not so naked Sam, power play, mild dub con, humour
Summary: Sam made it clear where they stood. It was Dean’s fault that he hadn’t realised exactly what that meant.

a/n: it’s still morning, right? so many thanks to @disizletzi  for making this So Much Better, and to @samanddeaninpanties for the superspeedy beta (the end is quite different now)! And to @unforth-ninawaters for nudging me in the right direction (a direction!) when I was stumped the other day 🙂 (doubly appreciated cos I know wincest ain’t your thing!)

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“I wanna push you down to your knees then come all over your face. Then… then I think I’d like to lick it off. I think now’s a great time. Don’t you, Dean?”

It was said in such a deadpan tone of voice that, at first, Dean didn’t realise what the words meant. Once his brain caught up though, he dropped the dishcloth he was holding and turned around to stare at his brother. Aghast. Because what the actual fuck?

“You want to what?”

Sam’s eyes darkened, and he stalked forward. Moving backwards Dean felt the press of the bench against the small of his back and regretted his every life decision up until this point.

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fic: be an opener of doors

Title: Be An Opener of Doors
Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel & Sam/Dean/Gabriel – Sabriel
Word Count: 11k
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit

Tags: threesome, object insertion, figging, gunplay, flogging, toys, fisting, painplay, incestkink, rimming, comeplay, double penetration (one hole), manhandling, prompt fill, accidental voyeurism, sounding, coming untouched

Summary: Fill for the Anonymous Prompt of Dean walking in on kinky Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel inviting Dean to join. I would love it if you could include include sounding, figging, fisting, DP (a must), creampie, and gunplay..

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new fic: make me forget

Title: Make Me Forget
Pairing(s): Dean/Gadreel
Word Count: 2.5k
Noncon, manhandling, rough sex, grace bondage, forced amnesia, forced orgasm, comeplay

Dean doesn’t remember all the times Gadreel has caught him alone, but Gadreel does. It’s happened so many times, and Gadreel’s not ready to stop any time soon.

Link: AO3

A/N: Had a really shitty day yesterday and felt like hurting Dean. Enjoy 🙂

Make Me Forget

Gadreel wasn’t such a bad guy.  Angel.  
Whatever.  Sam wasn’t all that thrilled about him, but Dean figured that
was because of the whole possession thing.  Which Dean wasn’t sorry
about.  It healed Sam, and if Sam was pissed at him for the rest of his
life, well, then at least he was alive to be pissed at Dean.

Gadreel brought them information.  He was useful and didn’t try to stab
any of them while he was passing information along, so Dean wasn’t too

They were halfway across the country, at least a full day
away from the bunker when Sam offered to pick up some food and bring it
back to the motel room.  Dean insisted on lots of fries and “don’t even
think about eating any on the way back” as Sam rolled his eyes and left
Dean alone with whatever movies were on cable in the room.

the keys?” Dean asked when he heard a knock only a minute or two after
Sam left.  He crawled off the bed and opened the door, a little
surprised to find Gadreel standing on the stained pavement outside the

Dean stuck his head out of the room and checked to make sure
Sam wasn’t around, then held the door open.  Gadreel smiled as he
walked in.

“What’s up?” Dean asked as he closed the door.

Suddenly he was pressed up against the door, Gadreel behind him and grinding up against his back.

“Dude, what the fuck!?” Dean said, palms flat on the door and pushing, but it did no good.  Not against an angel’s strength.

“Sometimes I like undressing you piece by piece,” Gadreel said, the words whispered into his left ear.

“What?” Dean asked, face screwed up in confusion.

Gadreel wrapped his arms around Dean and pulled him closer.  "Sometimes I just snap my fingers and your clothes are gone.“

don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, but you can stop now,” Dean
said, giving up on the idea of pushing himself away from the door and
trying instead to pull Gadreel’s hands off him.

“Today I want to undress you piece by piece,” Gadreel said, unbuckling Dean’s belt.

“Okay, I think maybe you got me mixed up with your fuckbuddy,” Dean said, pushing at Gadreel’s hands.  "I’m not up for this.“

"You always fight,” Gadreel said, then chuckled as Dean squirmed.  "You never win, but you always try.“

the fuck!?” Dean said as Gadreel shoved a hand into the open V of
Dean’s jeans and cupped his cock and balls through the material of his
boxer briefs.

“You always sound so surprised,” Gadreel said, then
licked the side of Dean’s neck.  "Like you don’t expect it.  Like it
never even occurred to you something like this could happen.“

time’s over,” Dean said, ramming his elbow back into Gadreel’s stomach,
disappointed when the angel didn’t even grunt.  "Seriously, knock it

Gadreel used his free hand to push the jeans down, and they
pooled at Dean’s ankles.  "This is usually when you realize I’m not just
playing with you.”

Dean threw his head back, catching Gadreel’s
face with the back of his skull.  He heard a crunch, then a little moan
before Gadreel chuckled again.

“That’s not the first time you’ve done that,” Gadreel said, “but sometimes I forget and you get a shot in here and there.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Dean said, twisting and pushing against Gadreel.

let out a grunt as Gadreel shoved him toward the bed.  He caught
himself, stepping out of the jeans and almost falling on his ass in the

“I’m talking about all the other times I’ve fucked you,” Gadreel said, grinning as he stalked toward Dean.

shook his head.  "I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.  
Did somebody hit you one too many times on that noggin of yours?“

moved faster than Dean’s brain could comprehend, and suddenly Dean was
on his back on the bed, Gadreel on top of him.  He fought, arms and legs
flailing as Gadreel pulled Dean’s shirt off over his head, then tore
the boxer briefs off.

"Stop!  Get the fuck off me!” Dean yelled.

reached back and slipped each of Dean’s socks off, then tossed them
across the room, Dean landing as many punches as he could on Gadreel’s
stomach, chest, and face.  It didn’t have any effect on Gadreel, and
soon he was spreading himself out over Dean again, pressing Dean’s
wrists into the bed and his face hovering inches above Dean’s.

“I’ve fucked you so many times,” Gadreel said, then leaned down and sucked on Dean’s neck.

don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” Dean said, still not
willing to give up.  "Is this some kind of game?  Some kind of payback
for what happened?  What the fuck is this?!“

Gadreel pulled back,
smiling down at Dean.  "You don’t remember because every time I fuck
you, I lock away all the memories inside your head.  A special place in
there just for me.”

Dean tried to head-butt Gadreel, but he didn’t have enough leverage, didn’t have the space to do any damage.

“Want to see some of them?” Gadreel asked.  "All of them?“

gasped, his head spinning with memories and pictures and sounds and
feature-length films.  Gadreel fucking him over the kitchen sink in the
bunker.  Dean crying out as Gadreel fucked him in the back of the
Impala, the windows fogging up with Dean’s panicked breaths.  Dean
trying to claw his way from the middle of the workout room, the mats on
the floor not helping him at all as Gadreel pulled his clothes off and
fucked him so hard Dean had seen stars.

Then it was all gone,
locked away again, but Dean had the memory of seeing them all.  Feeling
them all.  He blinked up at Gadreel, stomach clenching and his chest on
fire.  He’d forgotten to breathe, and when he finally took a breath,
Dean started coughing.

"Sometimes I take you from behind,” Gadreel said as he reached between them and pushed two fingers into Dean’s hole.

Dean tried to push him out, but Gadreel’s fingers were lubed and slid right in like he’d done it a million times.  Maybe he had.

your face into whatever I’m fucking you over,” Gadreel said as he
pushed a third finger in and stroked over Dean’s prostate.  "Sometimes
you cry when I do that.  You say something about demons and Alastair and
how many times you’d been fucked in hell just like that.  You forget
it’s me.“

Dean grunted, pushing against Gadreel’s neck, his chest,
his face.  Nothing worked.  "No!  Don’t you fucking do it, you
motherfucker!” Dean yelled as Gadreel lined up his cock and slowly
pushed in.  "Get the fuck off me!  Get off!  You sick fuck, get the fuck
off me!“

"But most of the time I take you like this,” Gadreel
said, slowly fucking in and out of Dean’s hole, leaning down to kiss
over his chest and neck.  "You never come when I take you from behind,
but sometimes when I fuck you like this, you can’t help yourself.  You
like it.“

Dean tried to bite at Gadreel, catching some of the skin of Gadreel’s cheek, but it healed as quickly as the wound had opened.

never cry when you’re on your back,” Gadreel said, the softness of his
words making it all seem even more bizarre.  "Maybe because you remember
it’s me and not Alastair.  Whatever it is, you usually watch me.  Keep
your eyes open the whole time.  Sometimes you try to talk me out of it,
but most of the time you just yell obscenities at me.“

"Sick fuck,” Dean said, spitting in Gadreel’s face.

chuckled again, licking the spit from the corner of his mouth.  "When
this is all over, when I’ve come inside you again, I’m going to put this
new memory in that special place inside your head.  You won’t remember
what happened unless I let you.  You’ll move on with your day, have
dinner with Sam, and later tonight you’ll have a good night’s sleep,
never even thinking twice about the fact that you feel more relaxed and
don’t need to jerk off before bed to get some good sleep.“

could remember nights like that.  Nights where he just felt at peace.  
Nights where he slept so well he wondered if it had been something he
ate or how many beers he’d had.

"Maybe I’ll let you remember this
time,” Gadreel said, moving his hips a little faster, fucking Dean
deeply each time before pulling back and fucking into him again.  "Do
you want me to let you keep the memories this time?“

Dean hissed
as Gadreel fucked into him harder, making the bed squeak and the
headboard hit the wall with each thrust.  Gadreel’s panting breaths too
hot on Dean’s face and neck.

"How about I let you keep them until
the next time I fuck you,” Gadreel said, getting up on his knees and
once again pushing Dean’s wrists against the bed as he snapped his hips
forward and back, their skin lapping together and too loud in the room.
“You’ll wonder when I’m going to visit you next.  Wonder when I’m going
to fuck you all over again and take away the memories so you can live
in ignorance once again.”

Dean didn’t want to forget.  He wanted
to remember so next time he could get the upper hand and shove a blade
through Gadreel’s ribs.  He wanted to burn him with holy fire and banish
him to wherever angels went when the last part of the sigils were
completed.  He wanted to watch the life bleed out of those eyes.

moaned, fucking Dean even harder.  Dean’s body ached from the position
and the pounding his ass was taking, and he could feel his cock getting
hard despite the situation.  He told himself it was Gadreel making it
happen, because he sure as hell wasn’t enjoying himself.

about we make it into a game?” Gadreel asked.  "If you come, I’ll lock
your memories away, but if you can make it through the next few minutes
without coming, I’ll let you keep them.“

Dean nodded.  "Yeah, okay.”

fucked him faster, his eyelids drooping and his breathing heavy as he
got closer to the edge.  Dean had seen it plenty of times, and he knew
seconds before he came that Gadreel was about to blow his load deep
inside Dean.  Dean watched him, eyes open as the angel moaned, shoving
all the way in and shaking as he came, dick twitching inside Dean.

“Okay, I didn’t come.  Now get the fuck out of here,” Dean said before Gadreel had a chance to move.

“We’re not done yet,” Gadreel said, sitting back on his heels and pulling out.

winced as warmth leaked from his hole and soiled the bed between his
legs.  "Yeah, we are.  You had your fun, now get the fuck out of here.“

reached out and ran his index and middle fingers over the underside of
Dean’s cock, which was already hard and leaking against his stomach.  
Dean squirmed, but he couldn’t move.  Gadreel was pinning him to the bed
with his grace.

"No!  No, don’t…  Let me the fuck up!” Dean
yelled.  "You didn’t say anything about using fuckin’ angel mojo to hold
me down and force me to come!“

"I’m not using my grace to make
you come,” Gadreel said, shaking his head.  "I’m not even using it to
make you hard.  That’s all you.  See why I said you like it?“

bit his lip and tried to think of dead bodies and pus-filled wounds, the
smell of rotting flesh, the slime and grit that covered him after
dealing with a particularly messy hunt.

It didn’t work.

"No!” Dean yelled as he came, hips jerking as his release striped his chest and stomach.

ran his fingers through the mess and shoved his way into Dean’s mouth.
Dean tried to bite, but his jaw wouldn’t work, so he gagged on the
intrusion, groaning when Gadreel finally pulled his fingers out.

going to leave you right like this,” Gadreel said as he climbed off the
bed.  "The taste of come on your tongue, the evidence of you coming all
over your chest and stomach, and that sated feeling all leading you to
believe you jerked off to some porn while Sam was out getting food.  
You’d better clean up quickly.  Sam’s about three minutes away.“

concentrated on what had happened, hoping to burn it deeper in his
memory.  Maybe he could hold onto it.  If someone could fight a
possession, they could fight a memory being hidden behind a wall.  Sam
had done it, so Dean could do it.

"I’ll see you soon, Dean,” Gadreel said, walking toward the door.

forced himself to relive every moment, closing his eyes and wrapping
the memory around him.  He wouldn’t forget.  He’d remember every detail,
and when he saw the bastard again, he’d kill him.

“Dude, really?!” Sam complained as he slammed the door shut behind him.

Dean chuckled as he stood up, heading for the bathroom.  "What can I say?  It was some really good porn.“

shook his head and set the food down on the table.  "Whatever.  Clean
up and get your ass out here.  Food’s going to get cold,” he said as he
opened a window to air out the stench.

Dean wiped himself down,
then took a piss before washing his hands and pulling his boxer briefs
back on.  He thought he’d been wearing his black boxer briefs, but the
red and black checked boxer briefs Sam had bought him a few months ago
were on the floor instead.

“It was really good porn, Sammy,” Dean said, grinning.

“I don’t want to hear about it,” Sam said, sitting down at the table and pulling his food out.

Twins, Sammy,“ Dean said, then bit into his hamburger.  "Redheads.”

“Thank you,” Sam said, nodding.  "You can stop now that I know.“

squirmed in his chair, the slick feeling between his ass cheeks
reminding him how awesome it had felt to shove his own fingers inside
his ass as he stroked his cock.  He needed to get more lube next time
they went shopping.  He was almost out.

He had lied to Sam.  He
hadn’t even been watching porn.  Just the fingers in his own ass and his
other hand on his cock had been more than enough, and next time Sam was
gone, Dean was going to break out his dildo and have more fun.