Open for Commissions!


Momma needs some mad money!


I’m (obviously) a Supernatural (and SPN RPF) specialist, but I may be up for other fandoms; never hurts to ask! I
will also happily draw original characters. 😀

I lean towards darker, more “serious”
concepts, as a rule. I love AUs, historical, horror, fantasy, scifi
(tho I’m not great with mechs), magical realism, and of course,
contemporary settings. Shmoop and silliness isn’t my go-to place, but
it’s not necessarily out of the question! Ship-friendly. For
additional styles and NSFW options, click here.


~Furries. (But shifters are a-okay!)

~Sabriel. Sorry, no can do.


All art will be digital. You’ll get a
high-resolution digital file (jpg or psd) that you can print out or
use on your fandom page (with credit, please!). You cannot make
prints for sale, however, or use the art for any personal product
wherein you will make money for yourself. (Original fic bookcovers,
coffee mugs, underwear, etc.)

If you would like a book cover for
fanfic or original fiction, I can do that too! It will simply require
more conversation and considerations. Drop me a line.


Send me your concept
(, we’ll hash out the details and cost, then
I’ll doodle a couple super-rough thumbnails for you to pick the
composition/pose/colors you like.

I tend to work rather meticulously, and
there may be commissions before yours, so if you require a fast
turn-around, I can work with that in mind but there will be a 10$
rush fee for anything shorter than a 2-week deadline.

Payment is due upon approval of concept

I will then send updates as I work, and
because this is digital, we can do minor tweaks along the way! (Major
tweaks, such as the pose, will require a change fee, depending upon


$25.00 – Monochrome bust (chest-ish

$35.00 – Color bust

$50.00 – Monochrome ½ figure
(waist-ish up)

$65.00 – Color ½ figure

$75.00 – Monochrome full figure

$90.00 – Color full figure

Additional characters + 50%

Simple background included; detailed
background or extravagant props/extras will be additional.

$200.00 and up for book/fic covers
(including fontwork)

$10.00 Rush Fee for faster than a 2
week turn-around. Otherwise, expect it to take me ~ 4 to 6 weeks.

All prices in American dollars, and
payment via Paypal only.





~Setting/background (plain color
background: free; anything else: negotiable)

~Deadline (if applicable)

~Paypal address

Ready to roll?

Please drop me an email at !
Any questions, don’t be afraid to message me. 🙂


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