replied to your photo “Daith piercings and their effects on migraines is something you may…”

how doesn it work?

Pressure points 🙂

There’s a nerve/pressure point in that area. Acupuncture can relieve headaches/migraines, but only for a short period of time.

With piercings becoming more and more mainstream, people with headaches/migraines started realizing their headaches/migraines went away when they got this piercing and word is slowly getting around.

Last weekend we did SO MANY daith piercings that both my piercers were doing them as quick as they could and we still had people waiting. Some of the people were ones that we had pierced and they brought friends and family back to get it.

Everyone who has gotten it says they can feel the pressure relief immediately following the mild initial spike of pain from the needle going through skin and cartilage. Everyone says the spike of pain is nothing compared to their migraines and is very short.