new fic: room for two more


Title: Room for Two More
Link: AO3
Square Filled: Free Space (polyamory/swapping)
Ship: Jensen/Jared/Misha/Vicki with established Misha/Vicki
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit
Tags: femdom, consensual non-consent, threesome, foursome, manhandling, swapping/polyamory, rough sex, anal sex, oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, double penetration (one hole), spitroasting, facefucking, facesitting, fear kink, painplay, dirty talk, voyeurism, masturbation, partner swapping, roleplay, exhibitionism, nipple play, hair pulling, no safeword, size difference, size kink
Summary: Vicki likes watching, and she sets up playdates, which might not be Misha’s favorite thing, but he gets off on what gets her off, and if that means letting random men she’s brought home fuck him while she watches, he’s all for it.  He just isn’t expecting to open the door and find two familiar faces.
Word Count: 9k
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo.

This fic is too long to post on Tumblr, so please check it out on AO3.

Tag List: @pod7et @wanderingcas