cooldudebro: oculoslux: cooldudebro: this is a good hole and i would like to lurk in it That’s Carlsbad caverns. Hope you like bats and birds. i do, i would like to crouch amongst the bats and birds Hey look it’s the place I realized being in a dark hole underground gives me a wicked anxiety …


TIL Ants use “social immunization” – if one is infected with a fungus, they still lick the ant, spreading it throughout the colony. This practice both kills some of the spores, and builds immune resistance.


except for the anti-licker ants who believe licking the fungus-infected ant causes antism and antiphrenia and the anti-licker ants then shame the antistics and antiphrenics making them feel like shit because no way would they ever want colony immunity at the cost of possibly having an antistic or antiphrenic ant in their midst

bunjywunjy: cacklebarnacle: aidennestorm: riseru: aimmyarrowshigh: Ceramic artist Keiko Masumoto is intensely interested in the intersection of art and craft, whether a craft object can simply be decorative or if an artistic work can still remain functional. Her questions have resulted in a series of traditional ceramic plates, bowls, and vases embedded with unlikely objects from …

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