aphnxrising: I can’t remember the corn porn in spn, or who did it @mayalaen @majesticduxk @soupernabturel @whataboutthefish This is awesome! It was @bendoverandbiteyourgag that gave us the awesome Dean/Cain/Corn fic Shuck It. I see @majesticduxk already tagged Christy, but the more tags she gets, the more she knows how she’s warped our brains totally awesome …

i someday aspire to love someone as much as u love ur tentacles and christy loves her corn

I hope you reach your goal one of these days! I’d say I hope you find someone you love as much as I love spanking, but that’s WAY too high a bar to set. Tentacles is a little more reasonable 😉

One big thing I’ve learned in life is that people let you down. However, corn and tentacles never ever do, so I can feel free to love my tentacles as much as I want and they won’t hurt me 😀

@bendoverandbiteyourgag so you can see this awesomeness!

Thank you, nonnie. I needed a smile today <3

did-you-kno: Glass Gem is a unique strain of corn with kernels that look like pieces of rainbow-colored glass. Source Carl Barnes, an Oklahoma farmer, started growing older corn varieties to connect with his Cherokee heritage.  He isolated ancestral strains Native American tribes lost in the 1800s when they were relocated to Oklahoma. Soon he began …