Dear Cox High Speed Internet Customer:

We are writing to inform you of an upcoming change to Cox High Speed Internet service in your area related to data usage.

Your Cox High Speed Internet service currently includes a data plan of 1 TB (1,024 GB). Beginning 07/06/2017, if you exceed your monthly data plan we will automatically provide additional blocks of data for $10 per 50 gigabytes (GB), as needed. This will not impact 98% percent of customers, but instead only charges the heaviest Internet users.

To help you get accustomed to this change, you will be provided a grace period for your first two billing cycles after the effective date. You will not be charged if you exceed your data plan during this grace period.

As if it wasn’t bad enough they monitor and flag the WORDS YOU TYPE and the things you download even though legally ISPs aren’t liable for any of it, as if they don’t sell our information already, we get this.