Okay, so… I’m a dork. I see your user name pop up in other user feeds when they reblog, and I just assumed “Crabackles” was… a crabby/negative type of person. Yeah, I’m a dork and didn’t even bother looking at your blog before. Then I just saw your positivity post, and I got all excited. I’ve weeded out SO MANY BLOGS for negativity, so if I see someone promoting positivity, I’m all for it. I’ll go follow you now instead of assuming you’re crabby :D


Oh gosh, my username is probably the most unfitting for me because I’m never crabby tbh >.<  But now I wonder how many other people aren’t following me because of this omg…

To explain though, it’s because Jensen pretends to be grumpy and I think its cute so I dedicated my url to that~ Also crabapple > crabackles, with the rhyming & yeh. 😛

But welcome to the party, friend!! I try and maintain a wank-free zone here so I hope you’ll enjoy your stay! ^o^

Aww, don’t worry about it.  It’s a cute name.  And now that I know it’s because of pretending-to-be-grumpy Jensen, it’s even cuter.

Once I started checking out your blog, which I should’ve done in the first place, I saw you posted great stuff.  It was laziness on my part 😀

positive promo


So idk what’s up with today but there’s like a negativity fiesta on my dash & I don’t wike it~ 

So time to change that–

  • mbf this painfully happy jensen fan
  • rebloggity pls (no likes)
  • no notes requirement
  • will post promos on 7/29 (pst) in the evening sometime

I wont just promo those who do the following, I’ll say something I love about your blog and/or you! Spread a little love, yeaaah~ Ok, go forth!