I find it really hard to believe that Penelope never ever sees Morgan outside of episodes. I don’t remember if he moves or what, but there’s absolutely no way she never sees him, especially since Hank is her godson.

Idk, it just bugs me that they make it out to be like Derek never sees any of his BAU team, seeing as he spent over a decade with them and they’re more than just coworkers/friends. They’re his family and yeah, they’ve been pretty busy (always are), but family makes time for family and there’s absolutely no way none of them have gone to visit Derek since he left the BAU.

@mayalaen Yeah, I suppose. It’s just, they act like no one’s seen Derek since the last time he was on the show every time he makes an appearance, which was especially weird the first time he came back cos it had been like a year and Penelope could never go a year without seeing him. I know logically they have to have seen him, but the way the “reunions” are written makes it seem like no one has. Idk, it just feels all weird to me. Derek has played a huge role on the show for years, but it’s like when he’s not on the show, the writers completely forget he still exists?

Idk. I’m having a real hard time explaining this. I’m probably not making a whole lot of sense

Nah, I get it. It’s always weird. And it’s part of the reason we have fanfic. Show writers drop the ball and we have needs. We care about the people and the show gives us all these good relationships between the people and makes us get involved, then… yeah. It’s weird.