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That video is so painful to watch. It’s like one of those fake
commercials from a dark scifi where the upper class people live in
inside some kind of all white space egg or something and advertise weird
shit to the lowly mud dwellers in order to get them to compete in some
kind of battle to the death to get one of the coveted spots on the space
egg. I seriously kept waiting for the moment where we zoom out and the
gritty main character is like, see? that’s where I’m going, the space
egg where they have galactic condoms.

And like, okay, I will be the first to tell you that science is 50%
high tech equipment and 50% bashing shit with a hammer but what the hell
was with the dildo-fleshlight set up? That is not how condoms are

fyi, you should totally youtube the different ways condoms are tested, it’s fascinating.

It’s very rare that I feel second-hand embarrassment (yay for
atypical brain/mental illness) and I actually like watching comedy that produces that feeling is normal people.

BUT that video made me cringe. A lot. And not in a good way.

got a very strong Stepford Wives feel from it and I had a hard time
looking any of them in the eye when they were talking (though I do tend
to look at the mouth instead of the eyes when people talk anyway).

and i don’t know about you but i saw lifted edges on the outside of that thing once it was taped down and all i can think about is that scraping the inside of me when getting fucked