crossover where Stitch from Lilo & Stitch crash landed in a motel parking lot and little Sam and Dean Winchester adopted him. He helps protect them when they’re left alone, but they have to keep him hidden from John because John kills monsters

has anyone done a hannibal/hdm crossover

where the daemons are the wendigo and stag?

Because I kinda need this to be a thing. Maybe it’s not even a shape they stay in permanently or maybe they appear to be “normal” animals most of the time, but then when Hannibal or Will are doing darker things their deamons morph into that? Or their shadows appear as wendigo and stag?


replied to your post “countdown tag game”

@mayalaen oooh! Who was who in your version? Who was the Mortimer and Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha?

I kept going back and forth with all the characters (because how in the world do you decide who gets to be each character in this awesomeness?!!), but what I actually started writing was Sam/Mortimer getting married to Jess/Elaine, and they have to go say goodbye to Sam’s wacky brother and brother-in-law Dean/Aunt Martha and Cas/Aunt Abby.

Chuck/Dr. Einstein
Jody/Officer O’Hara
Benny/Officer Sanders
Victor/Sgt. Brophy
Bobby/Lt. Rooney
Billie/Dr. Gilcrest

I also considered doing Cas/Mortimer getting married to Meg/Elaine with Sam/Aunt Abby and Dean/Aunt Martha as the wacky uncles with everybody else the same.