Crowley WIP

I needed some artwork for pure fun sake today. It’s Crowley Friday and I’m wearing my Crowley shirt and drinking my tea out of my Crowley mug and I drew Crowley all day long because because Mark Sheppard’s face is fun to draw and so is Juliet.

As soon as I posted the Dogpile picture to my blog my computer crashed on me again….. so here have some crappy phone pictures of my other two Crowley works-in-progress that I did today LOL.

I will be back to DCBB artwork tomorrow so I’m not sure when I’ll finish these.

Juliet meet Juliet…

Basic line art to be colored another day

This came out of a conversation I had with @threshie one night about how she always pictures Juliet as a pitbull because of the demonic pitbull comment made in the TV show. But she draws hellhounds as all kinds of different breeds of dogs. I for some reason only picture hellhounds as Doberman Pinschers LOL even though I’ve never met a mean Doberman Pinscher or a mean pitbull for that matter.

So I needed my version of Juliet and her version of Juliet to meet, so I figured what if Crowley went into the AU and Juliet found him. Her Crowley is no longer in that AU, so she just kind of followed him back through the rift now he has two Juliets.

Crowley and his Pinwheel

I’ve wanted to draw this since I first seen the episode with him and the pinwheel while he’s talking to Kevin. I realized I don’t know how to draw a pinwheel LOL and the scene in the show is too dark for me to get a clear image so I need to look up what a pinwheel looks like. This will be a proper charcoal portrait when I get time to finish it but these are the starter lines for it.

My technology fueled headache and I are now going to bed.


Good God I am having feels. I am working on a few gifs and I noticed Dean is never looking really hostile when Crowley appears in later seasons? I know he punches him in 12×23, but everything before that – and don’t we all want to ignore that one – I mean – 

That’s not an “Oh God it’s him” expression that’s just… neutral surprise? Like Dean was pretty much ready to work with Crowley whenever and only circumstances prevented them being officially friends? My heart.