The King and an Angel Walk Into a Bar


Pairing: former Crowley x Cas (Crowstiel) now just friends, implied Drowley

Beta: @chaosinacoffeecup and @gettinjoyful (Thank you ladies. You girls rock.)

Word Count: 1,755

A/N: This was written for @webcricket’s SPN Advent Challenge day 11. Not fluffy, slightly angsty 

                                   Also on AO3

Crowley was waiting in the shadows against the cold brick wall by the entrance of a dimly lit bar. The kind that housed only the lowest common denominator, the ne’er-do-wells, if you will. The kind of bar Crowley would never be seen in, if not for Feathers. He could have sworn that he had taught Feathers better drinking habits than an establishment like this.

Of course, if Crowley had to guess, the reason why Cas would be here in a matter of seconds, was due to Dean. The Winchester had a tendency to rub off on the angel. Cas was having a rough go out of it lately and figured if drinking in places like these eased Dean, maybe it would the angel.

Why Cas didn’t think of calling him was beyond the King. Crowley always answered his calls, not that Cas called much after their falling out.

Crowley heard a car door close and then saw him. He looked worn out, the years had not been kind to him. He saw the stress on his face. The angel walked with his head down, lost in some dark thoughts if the King had to guess. The angel needed him even if he’d never admit it. He needed Crowley’s strength, he could make the angel all better, hold him, keep him safe if Cas would only give him the chance. Cas sighed heavily with his hands in his pockets, and his feet kicking up the dirt and gravel in front of the door to the bar.

Crowley couldn’t help looking him up and down. Even like this, his old friend looked scrumptious. It was now or never. Crowley moved to stand behind the angel silently, but judging by the fact that the angel perked his head up, he knew Crowley was there.

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The King of Hell and an angel walk into a bar-”

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A Crowstiel Fic Coming Soon…


Hello my dear followers. I’m posting a Crowstiel story soon, (Crowley x Castiel)

I just wanted to tell my lovely followers that if they would like to be tagged in this story, they should IM me or respond to this post. I will NOT be tagging Cas and Crowley girls because this ship is not everyone’s cup of tea and I want to respect everyone’s preferences. I will ONLY tag those who specifically want to be tagged.

I am tagging the Cas and Crowley girls just in this post, in case some of you want to be tagged in the story.

The fic is slightly angsty with no smut. That being said, I would still prefer to only tag people above the legal age of consent in the US.

Thanks guys

Happy holidays


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