Summer Heat



Prompt: Written for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge for September 2016.  – The end of summer made him nostalgic. He thought of slow, steady rain,
humid nights in an old convertible and stars for as far as the eye could

The end of summer made Gabriel nostalgic.

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Word Count: 570

Tags: Sabriel, Fluff, Cuddling and Snuggling, Nostalgia

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The end of summer made him nostalgic.  

As Gabriel curled in closer to the warm body pressed against his back, he remembered.  

He remembered the day they were supposed to go to the local
amusement park as a reward for finishing their hunt with minimal damage.
 They had just finished packing the cooler when the first flash of
lightning filled the room, followed closely by the low rumble of
thunder.  They stood together next to the window and watched as the
skies opened and rain began to fall in a steady beat against the

Minutes later, as the thunder grew louder and the rain came down
faster, Gabriel finally sighed and glanced over.  Warm, hazel eyes met
his, and Gabriel was lost.  The two stumbled together into the closest
bed for the very first time, and there they remained the rest of the

He remembered the night they drove through Ohio in an old, beat
up convertible.  The air was thick and warm, the music was loud, and the
roads were empty.  Their hands were clasped together in between them as
they drove, and Gabriel brought them up to his mouth for a quick kiss.
The blinding smile that followed made Gabriel’s breath catch.    

That moment in time felt perfect to Gabriel, and he wished he could find a way to bottle it up and keep it tucked safely away.  

He remembered that decisive night when Gabriel gave up one of
the most important things to him, and gained everything he had ever
wanted.  They were perched on the hood of the convertible and staring up
at the stars.  Stars, as far as the eye could see, and Gabriel could
name them all.  

An arm wrapped around his shoulder and pulled Gabriel close.
Gabriel felt a small flutter of nerves, and sadness, but he pushed them
away as he thought about what he would be gaining.  He closed his eyes,
made one final prayer as an archangel, then watched as his grace was
pulled from him and taken to heaven, where it would wait.  It hurt.  Oh,
how it did hurt.  But he had those strong arms wrapped tightly around
him, and those soft lips kissing away the tears as they fell from his
eyes.  Once the pain had finally disappeared, Gabriel knew for the first
time what it truly felt to be human.  

A small kiss pressed to the back of Gabriel’s neck snapped him back to the present.  

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