Do you ever become so disenfranchised by people’s lack of independent thought that you think…I should start a cult, just to see if you can? No? Just me then…

One time in the mall I was watching people buy ‘energy balancing’ bracelets that were literally a rubber band with a holographic sticker on them. They were like $15.  

I was watching this thinking ‘I have ethics, but if I ever become so desperate that I lose them, I would do okay for myself.’ 

It was very reassuring. 

I discuss this very thing with my family all the time. People are super easy to manipulate, especially when you’re charming and have the right amount of confidence, and several members of my family are extremely charming and I’m able to pick up on weaknesses very easily.

My mom and I are both very good at getting people to tell us things they don’t tell anybody else, and we don’t even have to try that hard! Wording/phrasing is key and my lack of empathy and compassion would really be a plus in this whole situation.

I think the only reason we haven’t done it so far is because we don’t really know what we want to get out of it. I mean once you get a cult going, there’s so much maintenance work – keeping them brainwashed, telling them what to do, and I don’t really want to live on a compound. That sounds so time-consuming, and brainwashed people are so needy and clingy!

Like Hazel, if my feelings on that ever change…