Thanks @mayalaen, @angrysouffle, @marmeladyorange and @majesticduxk for your replies and reassurances 😊

Well, if the mood strikes me again for RPF I won’t ignore it.

OMG I’m such a trouble maker but you know we haven’t had a J2 fic…

If I write J2 then here’s no way I’ll…

But then… Them in a craft store…

But no! On that route is too many hits!

Too many!

Unless……. I write Gen.

You know what? I’m keeping my eye on you @angrysouffle, I feel like your lack of wins could lead to some advance war tactics for April. Tactics that defy time and place.

Live dangerously my friend, I’m currently considering slipping some J2 into my cockles fic ;D And that’s actually for a bang and not even a coldesthits fic!

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