This Month’s Fics

We have quite the array of fics this month.  Well done, everyone.

A Billion Empty Skulls by @treefrogie84

Just My Luck by @pugs-cats-bb-8

The Real Fanatics by @caffeinaships

The Things That Could Have Been by @thayerkerbasy

5 Times They Landed in the Wrong Universe, and the 1 Time They Didn’t by @hexmaniacchoco

To Infinity and Beyond by @grey2510

In the City of Dean and Cas (AKA Destieland) by @violetlyvanilla

If you haven’t already, please go read these wonderful stories and be sure to give them plenty of love in the form of comments, kudos, and creative promos.  You have until midnight PDT of Tuesday the 23rd to throw your opposition under the bus create and share promos.  Time to break out the MS Paint!

the fics so far!




Smooth Criminal by @grey2510

Kansas City Shuffle by @treefrogie84

The Mad Heist by Mayalaen

(link to my AO3 page because I can’t @ myself)

One more!

Grand Theft Biblioklept by @oddsocksandstuff

Add another to the list!

Roll With It by @thayerkerbasy

If you’re thinking about adding your own fic, you have until midnight PDT tonight to share your heist with us.

A last minute entry puts us up to six fics!

For Heaven’s Sake by @caffeinaships

There’s a possibility we might have a late entry, but if you haven’t already, go read, comment, kudos, and promote the hell out of these fics!