New Fic – Ask For It

Title: Ask For It
Pairings: Gen fic, but can be read as any pairing or threesome if you want
Word Count: 1k
Tags: Domestic discipline/spanking, domestic fic, crying

Summary: A while back @deadmockingbirds1 asked for more domestic discipline fic, and I realized I didn’t have nearly enough of it, so here’s a short fic I wrote the other day.

@majesticduxk and @samanddeaninpanties might be interested in this too 🙂

Ask For It

Dean sniffled as he walked down the hallway, rubbing his sore ass.  He didn’t know if Cas was home yet, but there was a good chance he was and that he was in the kitchen.  Cas loved to cook.

He wasn’t dawdling.  Really, he wasn’t.  Okay, maybe just a little.  He picked up the glass he’d used earlier and left on the coffee table in the living room, then just stood there.  He really didn’t want to go in the kitchen, but if Sam came downstairs and saw Dean hesitating, he’d be in trouble.

Dean saw a pillow on the floor next to the couch, and he felt as if he’d found a treasure.  He slowly picked it up and set it on the couch.  He eyed it for a moment, then moved it to another spot on the cushions.  No, that still didn’t look right.  He picked it up.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas said from the doorway to the kitchen.

Dean grunted as his entire body flinched, barely keeping a good hold on the glass in his hand.  "Uhm, hi, Cas,“ he said, forcing a smile.

"Do you want to help me make dinner?” Cas asked.

Dean tossed the pillow onto the couch, then shifted from foot to foot.

“Is something wrong?” Cas asked.

Dean glanced toward the stairs.  Maybe he could get a small reprieve while Sam was working in the office.

“No, I’m okay,” Dean said, forcing a smile.  "I think I do want to help you make dinner.“

Dean headed for the kitchen, but Cas stopped him before he could pass by.  Dean gave Cas another smile, then sighed when Cas just kept staring at him.

"I need a spanking,” Dean said, his cheeks flushing.

“Why?” Cas asked, concern in his tone of voice.

Dean winced.  "Remember when I said it wasn’t me that broke the front screen door?“

"Yes,” Cas said, nodding.

“It was me,” Dean said, then tried to slide by Cas.

Cas yanked him back with a tight grip on his upper arm.  "Is that all?“

Dean shook his head.  "It broke because I was pissed and slammed the door.”

“Sam already gave you a spanking?” Cas asked.

Dean nodded.  "Yeah, just now.  But it’s getting close to dinnertime.  We should probably get that out of the way first.“

"Dinner can wait,” Cas said.  "Put the glass in the sink and come out to the living room with me.“

Dean didn’t move, so Cas gave him a sharp smack on the ass.  Dean whimpered, his free hand moving to cover his ass because the sleep pants he was wearing didn’t help, but he walked to the sink before Cas decided he needed more motivation.

"C’mon,” Cas said from the doorway.  "Right now it’s my hand, but if you don’t come with me, I’ll use a spatula.“

Dean eyed the drawer with all the cooking utensils and quickly made his way to the living room with Cas.  Cas sat down on the couch and patted his lap.  Dean hesitated.

"One,” Cas said.

Dean didn’t give Cas a chance to make it to two.  He draped himself over Cas’ lap, his chest supported by the couch and his legs between Cas’.

Cas pulled the sleep pants down and ran his hand over Dean’s ass. “Sam didn’t appreciate the lying,” he said instead of asked.

“No,” Dean said.  Sam had used the ruler on him.  It was one of those new ones that were made of thick but pliable plastic, bendy and so much worse than the wooden rulers Dean had used in school.  Dean had tried hiding it, but Sam had just gone out and bought five more.

“You lied to both of us,” Cas said.

“Yeah,” Dean said, nodding.  "I’m sorry, Cas.“

Dean hissed as Cas started spanking him.  After getting it with the ruler, Cas’ hand wasn’t as bad, but he was already sore, and for some reason it always upset him more when Cas spanked him.

"Did you apologize to Sam?” Cas asked.

“Y-ow!  Yes,” Dean said.

“Did he spank you for both the lying and slamming the door hard enough to break it?” Cas asked.

“Yes,” Dean said through clenched teeth, then reached back to cover his ass.

“What happens when you throw a temper tantrum?” Cas asked as he pushed Dean’s hand aside and kept spanking.

“It wasn’t a temper tantrum!” Dean said, squirming on Cas’ lap.

“It sounds like one,” Cas said.

“No, it-ow!  It really wasn’t,” Dean said.

“Did you cause damage because you were mad?” Cas asked.

“Yeah, but-ow!  Oh, fu-ow!”

“Watch your language,” Cas said.

“Sorry,” Dean replies, wincing.

“So that wasn’t a temper tantrum?” Cas asked.

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“Are you lying?” Cas asked, shifting his leg so Dean’s ass was raised into the air more, then he concentrated on Dean’s sit spots.

“Ah, Cas, wait!” Dean whined.

“Are you lying?”

“No, I just didn’t think, ah, ow!” Dean said, wincing.  "Yes!  It was a temper tantrum, but I didn’t think it was that bad!“

"What happens when you throw a temper tantrum?” Cas asked again.
Dean wiped at his face, the tears making it difficult to see.  He let out a sigh of relief as Cas stopped spanking him.  Cas pushed him off his lap and Dean went to his knees between Cas’ legs.  Cas wiped the tears from his cheeks.

“Answer me,” Cas said.

“Cas, please,” Dean said, his bottom lip quivering.  "I don’t want another spanking before bed.“

"Then you shouldn’t throw temper tantrums,” Cas said.

“It was last week!” Dean said, as if that would make a difference.

“Do you still want to help me make dinner?” Cas asked.

Dean rubbed at his sore ass.  "Yeah,“ he said, almost pouting.

There was no way he’d leave Cas’ side now.  After spankings Cas and Sam tended to spoil Dean a little, and if Dean was in the kitchen with Cas, that would mean gentle touches as they moved around maybe even an extra-big slice of pie for dessert.

And Dean could also admit that he didn’t like to be alone after a spanking, so staying in the kitchen was the best option.

They made fajitas for dinner, and when Dean called Sam down, his brother came into the kitchen with a soft pillow for Dean to sit on while they ate.