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Morgue Set
Torn Hospital Screen (1 panel – CAStable), Autopsy Table (non-CAStable), Partial Corpse (non-CAStable), Broken Gurney (CAStable), Standing Gurney (standalone, CAStable), Top for Gurney (CAStable), Open Body Bag (non-CAStable)

Embalming Set Part One

Embalming Set Part Two

Gore Set

There are two corpse styles, two dagger
styles (one stuck in the ground and one laying down), one blood puddle,
one floor blood splatter, and one wall blood splatter with four style
variations. All of the blood objects are CAStable so you could change
them to splatters of any fluid you choose; paint, soda, etc. The floor
blood is classified with rugs, and the wall splatter is in with wall
decor. The corpses and daggers you can find under miscellaneous decor.

Hospital Set

This set is HUGE.
Anesthesia Machine, Bed Head Unit, Examinations Chair,
Examination Couch, Eye Exam Chart, Hospital Baby Cot, Hospital Bed, Bedside Table, Hospital Curtains, Hospital Stretcher, Mattress H Baby Cot, Monito Roll Stand, Surgical Lamp, Surgical Table, Surgical Tray, Vital Sign Monitor, X Ray View Box, Adhesive Tape, Antiseptic, Blood Samples, Defibrillator, Drip With Stand I, Drip With Stand II, Forceps, Gauze Roller Bandage, Gauze Squares, Scalpel, Scissors, stethoscope, Syringe, Tensiometer, Tweezers

Hollow’s End Hospital Set: Includes 5 objects.
Even your Sims get sick sometimes, and when they do they need a
well-equipped facility to seek treatment at! Now, with this set you can
build your very own private practice doctor’s office or even a hospital

Abandoned Clinic

This was once a well established and prominent clinic within the medical
community, but no longer. Now the facility sits dormant, having been
abandoned for some time. The workers and patients all left in a hurry,
leaving everything behind. These new objects can also be re-colored to
suit a modern, still-used facility also!

Institution Walls

Hollow’s End Waiting Room

Hollow’s End Nurse’s Room

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