If you had to take a bath in a liquid that wasn’t water what would you pick?

Okay, this is gonna go sideways real quick here. Because I get grossed out over a lot of things one might want to bathe in because THINGS IN THE WATER WILL GO IN PLACES!!

Milk sounds like fun, but I’d hate to waste all that milk. And I’ve always wanted to try blood. Yup.

I’ve kinda tried blood because I’m a cutter, but of course it wasn’t a bathtub full of just blood it was more like here’s some blood in the water. It’s got an odd feeling that I like and I’d love to know what it felt like to just slide into a tub full of it and move around.

Maybe you expected that, given that you’ve been following me for a while 😀


This is a fill for the spnkinkmeme. You can read the full prompt here.

Title: Finding Absolution

Pairing(s): none, although could possibly be pre-slash? 

Warnings: Self harm (cutting), mental health issues, suicidal thoughts, hurt/comfort-ish. 


Sam expresses concern over Gadreel’s well-being. After a bit of coaxing Dean caves and checks up on the angel even though he hates him. He is unprepared for what he sees.

Before anyone gets worried this actually ends up rather hopeful compared to my other stuff! So there’s that.

Thank you so much @bendoverandbiteyourgag for beta’ing this for me and giving me the courage to post it! You fucking rock. Also a big thanks to @mayalaen and @theboykingsbrokencrown. The support has been overwhelmingly awesome. Tagging @wearingdeantoprom/@northfey because of your undying love of Gadreel. @mellowwincest, not sure if this is your kind of thing, but tagging you just in case. 

(also on ao3

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