replied to your post “@cyborgtopus
replied to your post “Damn, @cyborgtopus has…”

I set submissions to on, so now you can throw whatever you had in store my way. Also I’d tell you to get water, but I don’t think you mean that kind of thirsty. :> I’m sorry your brain chemistry is being annoying though, that’s fuckin’ frustrating.

YAY! *does a happy dance*

And no I’m thirsty like drinking a lot of water. Dunno why. I also get really thirsty while on the gummies, so I’m probably going to end up drinking so much water tonight my tummy will get all bloaty 😛

But I can see why you’d think I’m THIRSTY thirsty 😀

replied to your post “Damn, @cyborgtopus has submissions shut off too. Here’s the thing I…”

Well I TRIED to reblog with a reply, but tumblr’s shitting itself again! I’m good, how’re you? And the highblogging? 😀

Tumblr needs a spanking even more than I do! And that’s saying a lot!

The gummies haven’t hit yet, but my brain has been… not good the last few days so I’m already kinda weird.

The gummies will probably only make my spelling and grammar worse and do nothing else as far as you guys can see.

I’m really thirsty tonight 🙁