Night Moves

Night Moves samanddeaninpanties: samanddeaninpanties: Written for the @wincestwritingchallenge round 19 samanddeaninpanties vs. @wxncesters Theme: kinks Prompt: Dom/sub Rating: Explicit Word count: 2428 Tags: spanking, flogging, dom Sam, sub Dean, aftercare, dom drop Summary: Usually after a near fatal hunt they get drunk and watch terrible movies together, just enjoying each other’s company. Tonight isn’t one …

Abaddon/Dean – aftercare


“Don’t you dare stop,” Abaddon warns, cracking the leather whip on Dean’s plump ass.

Dean bites back a yell and continues to lick his come off the floor. He lifts his backside up even higher, an offering. Waiting for more rough treatment but he doesn’t get it.

When his mess is gone Abaddon returns to her chair, patting her lap. “Come here, lover. I’m not finished with you yet.”

Relief washes over Dean. “Thank you,” he whispers shakily, only now realizing how badly he needs her hands on his bare skin. “You’re fuckin’ awesome.”

Abaddon rolls her eyes but her blood-red lips arch into a smirk, betraying her amusement. “I know.”

*wraps this little piece around her body and wallows in it*

14. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”


this is not where i expected this to go at all, oh my god

Dean is still when Cas enters the bedroom, willing himself not to move even when he hears his boyfriend stall just inside the door. He hears the man take a steadying breath, which then leaves him again in a sigh that sounds an awful lot like resignation. 

“Am I supposed to be impressed?” Cas asks. 

To the casual observer, it might sound like his gravelly voice is flat, devoid of emotion, but Dean knows better. He knows there’s a bit of something there that’s going to work in his favor. That same something makes him shiver imperceptibly. 

Despite a mental plea of, God, I hope so, Dean doesn’t say anything in return. Right now, it would only work against him. He knows he must make quite a sight, hands bound behind his back with Cas’ favorite, blue silk tie, and the plug in his ass visible through the sheer fabric of his pink panties—if this is going to work, he needs that to speak for itself.

Things have been tense between them for too long now. They’ve been quasi-fighting (by no fault of Dean’s own, thank you very much) for a couple weeks, and on top of their personal friction, Cas’ boss has been even more of a dick to him than usual lately, the pressure of some corporate deadline or another doing the should-be impossible and making Zachariah less bearable than ever before. 

And… okay, maybe it’s not all about Zachariah ‘The Asshole’ Adler. Maybe some of their fighting is Dean’s fault, because he’s a shitty boyfriend sometimes and he’s definitely a shitty sub, but that’s why he’s doing this. That’s why he’s proving himself in the only way he knows how. 

By fixing his mistakes and giving Cas the outlet that he needs. 

It takes a moment, but Cas eventually comes closer, and a shudder runs down Dean’s spine. He has to bite his lip to hold back a groan when a hand smooths over his flank. Cas’ fingertips catch and pull on the hem of his panties, and when his palm is centered between Dean’s cheeks, he rubs at the base of the plug with his thumb, twisting it in place. 

No matter how hard he tries, Dean is helpless to stop the high whine that claws its way up his throat. The sound is immediately met with a hard slap of Cas’ other hand, stinging across the lower portion of Dean’s ass. 

“I want an answer,” Cas says over the sound of Dean’s helpless gasping. “I said, am I supposed to be impressed?”

Shit shit shit

“I want you to be. Sir.” The muscles in Dean’s ass flex beneath the heavy weight of Cas’ hand. He doesn’t think he really deserved that first smack, but Jesus, he doesn’t think he’d be opposed to a few more. The angle is a bit awkward with the way he has his ass in the air, but Dean still makes the effort of turning his head against the mattress, craning his neck so that he can look back at his boyfriend when he breaks out of his role and adds softly, “I’m trying, Cas.” 

Cas watches him steadily for a long moment, and then, just as anxiety is starting to grip at Dean’s heart, his boyfriend’s demeanor shifts, and the hint of a smile tugs at his lips. Cas shifts a knee up onto the bed, but his hand slides up and away from Dean’s ass, fingers hooking in the length of knotted tie instead. When he finds that the knot holds, Cas chuckles. “How did you even manage to tie yourself up like this?” 

Dean gives him a lopsided grin. “Determination.” 

Even as he shakes his head, Cas’ smile grows. Dean swears his heart skips a beat at the sight. 

Then, though, instead of getting back to things like Dean expects, Cas slips a hand around his torso and hauls him upright, then starts undoing the tie. Dean lets it happen, but his brow furrows.

“Cas? You don’t want to…”

“Not like this, love,” Cas says, and Dean’s heart plummets. His disappointment must show in the sag of his shoulders, though, because as soon the tie falls away from his wrists, Cas is turning him around and capturing his lips in a soft kiss. That alone doesn’t ease Dean’s stress, but it’s a good start, and helps him to relax significantly. 

When they part, Cas’ eyes are bright in a way they haven’t been in weeks. He smooths a hand down Dean’s jaw and explains, “I’ve been an ass for quite a while now, I’m aware of that. When we do things like this, it needs to be about both of us, not just an effort for you to make me feel better, no matter how sweet that is. I would rather know I’m taking care of you. Do you understand what I’m saying?” 

Mostly. Maybe. Dean nods. He still feels like an idiot for making this effort only to be turned down. He wets his lips, but before he can figure out the best way to mask his emotions, Cas shakes his head. 

“No,” he says preemptively, “don’t do that. I still want you, and I very much plan on rewarding you for doing this for me. But I’m not going to take my work frustrations out on you.” Cas kisses him again, this time with a bit more intent. “How about we go make dinner, and then watch last night’s episode of Dr. Sexy?” 

All of the residual tension leaves Dean at once, and he sways into his boyfriend. How did he ever manage to get so lucky with this relationship? He drops a kiss to the corner of Cas’ mouth. “Yeah, Cas. That sounds great. I’ll get dressed.” 

Cas hums in a way that seems to be affirmation, but when Dean makes to slide off of the bed so that he can go to the closet, he finds himself stopped in place with an arm across his stomach, and a firm pressure rubbing against his ass. Even through his slacks, Cas’ erection is enough to jostle Dean’s plug, and it startles a moan out of him. 

“No getting dressed,” Cas says in his ear, sounding far too amused with his boyfriend’s responsiveness. “You’re rather gorgeous like this. I want to take some time to admire you.” 

Dean’s face burns with a blush, but he nods, more than willing to give Cas that much. He swivels his hips back against the other man’s, and shoots back a cheeky, “Yes, sir.” 

Cas groans, but somehow resists the urge to give in and fuck Dean then and there. They part only a few seconds later and go to the kitchen as planned, where they end up using a pre-made pack to make individual pizzas. In a startling turn of events, however, Dean ends up bent over the kitchen counter with his panties pulled down and plug torn free before the pizzas even come back out of the oven. By the time either of them remember, their dinner is nothing more than a pair of charcoal disks on the oven rack. Not that Dean can bring himself to care. 

They get delivery pizza to watch their Dr. Sexy with, instead. And if they spend more time tangled up in each other on the couch than they do watching the episode, well. That’s their own business.

Title: PuddingPairing(s): Sam/Dean/Castiel – WincestielWord Count: 9.6kRating: NC-17/Adult/ExplicitTags: orgasm denial, Dom/sub, threesome, handjob, frottage, bondage, blowjob, voyeurism, fingerfucking, consensual sex, discipline, BDSM, dirty talk, ticklingOriginal Post Date: January 19, 2014Link: AO3 Summary: Prompt fill for the request of Gabriel being given the task of punishing Castiel after the events of Season 6. This is set …