recent stuff and things (me whining)

  • twisted my knee (worse than I ever have before) at the
    shop yesterday and am having trouble walking, trouble going from sitting
    to standing, and I keep re-tweaking it when I turn while walking
  • mom came to the shop yesterday to help out, which was awesome
  • aunt fell while taking off her socks (in a really stupid way while medicated and dizzy)
  • dad let three of my aunt’s “friends” into the house
    while mom and I weren’t there and freaked my aunt out (she’s staying
    here because she’s not doing well mentally, is on an 8-week course of a
    lot of meds to “fix” her, and doesn’t want anybody but us around)
  • the 1yo has started crying really hard
    every time she sees that we’re driving down the street where the
    babysitter lives and it’s freaking my family out (I think it’s because
    we spoil her to death and at the sitter’s she doesn’t get her way 100%
    of the time because there’s 4 other toddlers but my family is already
    thinking the crying is for horrible reasons and I’m scared they’re gonna
    fire the babysitter who is really awesome)
  • been getting a shit-ton of anon hate
    here and on AO3 (it’s not really bothering me because it’s so stupid
    I’m actually laughing at the stupid shit they’re coming up with, but
    it’s still annoying because my email notifications are going nuts)
  • I’m having a weird allergic reaction
    to something, but I’m not sure what it is so I can’t fix it. My eyes
    (especially the right one) is bloodshot, they’re itchy, and it looks
    gross enough that I’m worried about grossing out customers at the shop
    – any kind of health issues and tattoo artists get concerned because
    they could pass that on to their customers, but this is allergies, not
    infection or anything contagious
  • Lee, who has been phoning it in
    and giving me about half the amount of money he’s supposed to for about
    six months now because of his “family issues,” finally decided to put
    some effort into it, hit his cut for the month (he pays a percentage of
    each job until he reaches a certain amount and then he gets 100% of the
    money) on the 12th of the month, and scheduled a shit-ton of
    appointments up until last night. That’s a really shitty thing to do
    because, if he continues this pattern, technically he’s screwing me out
    of $4500 every 6 months. And it’s not the first time he’s done this.
  • I’ve been super depressed
    for a few weeks now, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Instead
    of leaving me alone or being nice about it, the family is telling me how
    bitter and negative I’ve been. Which basically means I’m not smiling
    and happy-go-lucky as I’m doing all this shit for them like I normally
  • my mom had her bathroom redone, spent a lot of money
    on it, and it’s hideous. She likes it, but holy shit this is… I don’t
    like it at all, it doesn’t fit the rest of the house (which makes
    selling the house harder in the future), and it’s a “busy” pattern,
    which means every time she has a seizure, she’s going to be all spastic
    as she’s walking over the tile – increasing risk of falls.
  • dad offered to watch my dog yesterday
    and when I got home informed me he had done a really good job and took
    her out a whole ONE time at 1pm (it was 9pm by the time I got home) and
    she’s been having diarrhea issues lately, so “she been really fussy for
    like the last 1-½ hours” meant my dog was shitting herself and my
    carpet and her blankets and pillows while my dad fucked off and watched
    TV in another room. My dog REALLY hates peeing/pooping in the house, so
    she had to have been really desperate to have done this.
  • AC and husband
    aren’t returning our calls or texts, we’ve had the kids for over a
    month, they aren’t helping out by paying for diapers, food, clothing,
    babysitting, etc., and yet they’re still getting food stamps, government
    money, government cell phones, and they’re about to get their $5000 in
    tax returns even though neither of them has worked for over two years,
    and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna blow the whole thing on stupid shit
    instead of finding a place to live and taking their kids back.
  • AC laughed
    a couple weeks ago as she told me about how she hasn’t been able to
    find the time to get her depo shot and is overdue for it, so I’m
    assuming there’s going to be a third kid now. It’s never going to end.
  • I’m sleeping WAAAAAY too much
    because of the depression, so I’m not getting things done I need to do,
    and when I’m awake to do them, I’m too depressed to have any motivation
    to do them. Ugh.
  • mom and aunt are still living on my couch

sure there’s more, but that’s more than enough whining outta me. I use
fandom for a distraction and to feel better, so I’ll stop whining now
and immerse myself in silly stuff in between taking care of customers.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading <3