Prompt: Hi! I know that at the moment you’re not feeling well but can you write a Nonsexual ageplay where little Sam is in the living room giggling and spinning around and stuff with his studies and blocks all over the ground and he keeps randomly falling on his bum and giggling and smiling up at his daddies (Dean and cas) who chuckle at his falls after a while he twirls around, please? Also, I hope you feel better because I believe in you and that you can kick depression’s butt! Stay strong! ❤️


Sam had aged down a while back ago, with Cas and Dean easily moving into their daddy roles for Sam.

Right now, Sam was in the living room, with his toys all over the floor. A show was playing on the TV, but Sam had lost interest in it long ago, deciding that it was more fun to spin around. Cas and Dean were watching Sam, as he twirled around, almost like he was pretending to be a ballerina.

“Sammy, are you pretending to be a ballerina?” Dean asked, watching Sam spin, arms stretched out as he twirled.

“No!” Sam responded, stilling for a split second, before he fell on his butt. He looked wide eyed at Cas and Dean, taken off guard for a split second, before he laughed, hoisting himself back up.

Dean and Cas chuckled as Sam started spinning again.

“If you aren’t pretending to be a ballerina…” Cas began. “What are you pretending to be?”

“Nothin’! Just like spinnin’ Daddy!” Sam said, narrowly avoiding a stray toy.

Using his angel mojo, Cas quietly pushed away all offending toys that had a chance of making Sam fall over and end his fun.

“I see.” Cas nodded, chuckling with Dean when Sam started slowing down again. With a little twirl, Sam and ended up falling down again on his bum.

Sam laughed again, looking up at Dean and Cas with a big dopey grin on his face. He stayed on the floor for a few moments, and Dean knew that the room was still spinning for Sam.

“Hey, Sammy, please don’t make yourself sick from all the spinning, Sam.” Dean said.

“I won’t, Daddy!” Sam said. Sam turned his head, eyes locking with his stuffed giraffe, and he grinned, grabbing it, and getting back up.

“Is Jakey going to spin with you too?” Cas asked, amusement on his face.

“Yes! Jakey wants to spin too!” Sam proclaimed happily, starting up his spinning again.

Dean and Cas chuckled as Sam spun around with his stuffed giraffe. Sam started humming out some nameless rock song, one that Dean must have hummed a few times while watching Sam, making Dean chuckle. Dean leaned back against the couch beside Cas, as the two watched Sam.

Suddenly, Sam started twirling and hopping from foot to foot as he did, Jakey stretched out in front of him.

“Are you a ballerina now, Sam?” Dean asked, smiling as he relaxed by Cas.

Sam stopped spinning again, which caused him to fall down again,and he burst out laughing once more, making Dean and Cas laugh along with him.

“Hehe, I’m dizzy.” Sam giggled, waiting for the room to stop spinning a bit before he looked up at his daddies.

“Doin’ good, Sammy?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, Daddy.” Sam said, a huge grin plastered on his face.

“So were you starting to become a ballerina, Sam?” Cas asked, repeating Dean’s question.

“Yes! Yes, Daddy, I was! Jakey is one too! We’re rock ballerinas!”

Dean shook with laughter, amusement shooting through his body.

“Rock ballerinas? What is the difference between a normal ballerina and a rock ballerina?” Cas asked, leaning forward, looking at Sam curiously.

“Well…” Sam started, stating this like it was obvious. “Ballerinas are just normal ballerinas, Daddy. But rock ballerinas…” He pointed to himself and Jakey. “Dance to rock music, like what Daddy listens to! So we are rock ballerinas!” Sam said.

“Can’t argue with logic like that.” Dean shrugged, as Sam got up once more, twirling around again with his stuffed giraffe.

“It does make sense.” Cas agreed, leaning back by Dean.

Sam continued to spin and dance, humming along to different rock songs, while Dean and Cas continued to watch in amusement.



Title: One Daddy Too Many (also on AO3)

Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabe (established)

Rating: T

Word count: ~1400

tags/warnings: humour, embarrassment, mild daddy kink, au, Sam and Gabe are Dean’s parents, college au, holiday fic, fluff,

a/n: written for @tricksterangelgabriel​, based entirely on their ficlet, (found right here – go read it and love it!). It’s also my fill for @spnkinkbingo​ for the “incest kink” square (in this case, being mild daddy kink)

this is part of the little!dean verse (on ao3 here, or I have no idea how you will find it in the mess that is my tumblr), although Dean is a teen.


“Maybe this is a bad idea.” Actually there was no question about it. It was a bad idea. It was definitely a bad idea. It was a shame Dean didn’t realise it before they’d driven the six hours from college and were standing right outside his parents door.

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Okay, this was TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

Non-sexual age play of Daddy!dean and daddy!cas taking care of little!sam? Like Sammy acting up or being a beat or something and getting spanked by Dean or just a bunch of fluff please? Anything works.


Cas had set up everything that Sam needed for finger painting, before he went off to make some lunch for Dean and Sam, leaving Dean watching over Sammy as he painted.

Sam created different works of art that would soon be displayed all over the Bunker’s walls, while Dean watched, talking with Sam, who was getting paint all over himself, the area around him, and the play clothes that Dean and Cas put him in, knowing that he’d get this messy.

Cas poked his head n the room, smiling at all the different things that Sam had painted.

“It is lunch time.” Cas said. “I will see the two of you in the kitchen.”

With that Cas left the two, and Dean got up.

“Alright Sammy, time to clean up. It’s lunch time.”

“But, Daddy, I wanna paint more!” Sam said, looking up at Dean while different colors of the rainbow were smeared all over Sam.

“Sammy, you know that when it’s time to stop, we stop.”

“Daddy…” Sam whined softly, bouncing where he was sitting.

“Sammy, we need to clean you off for lunch.”

“But if I change outta my paint clothes, then I can’t come back to painting!”

Dean sighed, rubbing his forehead. “Sammy, I realize that. But we can come back to painting later. With different paint play clothes.”

“But I wanna finish now!”

“Sammy, you have the count of three to get into that bathroom and let me clean you up, before you get in trouble.”

Sam whined, looking from the bathroom to his paint.


Sam whined again, looking up at Dean, with a kicked puppy look, one that Dean wasn’t going to fall for.


Sam looked down at his paints and pouted, and Dean knew what he was going to have to do.

“Three.” He said, already reaching for Sam, and dragging him into the bathroom.

Sam yelled, upset that he didn’t get to finish painting, and upset that he was going to get in trouble.

Dean stripped Sam down, washing Sam off, while Cas came walking into the room, confused as to why that Sam and Dean weren’t already in the kitchen.

“Dean?” Cas asked, seeing the struggle that Dean was having with Sam. “Oh.” He said, understanding, walking over and looking down at Sam, who looked up at Cas with big eyes.

It was enough distraction for Dean to finish cleaning off all the washable paint from Sam and get him into a t-shirt, leaving just his pants to put on over the diaper he was wearing.

Then Dean pulled the two up and he sat over the edge of the tub, bending Sam over his lap, which made Sam yell out again, realizing that he was going to get spanked.

“Sam.” Cas said, in his stern daddy voice. Sam stopped squirming in Dean’s lap, and he sniffled, already starting to cry. Cas knelt down in front of Sam, wiping away the tears that were already starting to fall, and Cas’ voice softened. “Why are you getting spanked?”

“Cause I was naughty and didn’t wanna leave paintin’.” Sam said.

“Did Daddy Dean have to count to three, and you didn’t listen?”

“Yes.” Sam said. Cas nodded and looked up at Dean, with the question ‘how many swats’ on his face.

Dean held up four fingers and Cas gave another nod.

“Sam…Daddy Dean is going to give you four swats, that’s it. After that all will be forgiven, and we can go eat lunch.”

Tears started welling up in Sam’s eyes again, and he started sniffling, but he didn’t fight.

“Wanna hold your hand Daddy.” Sam whimpered softly.

“OK, Daddy is going to hold your hand…” Cas said, taking one of Sam’s hands in his own.

He gave a glance up at Dean, and Dean gave four swats, not too hard, but effective that they got the point across.

Sam ended up crying a little more, but it wasn’t complete water works, and the three got up, with Cas and Dean helping Sam get his pants on.

“Will you listen to Daddy Cas when he says that it’s time for lunch now on?” Dean asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” Sam nodded.

“And will you listen to when Daddy Dean says that it’s time to stop and get cleaned up?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Sam replied again.

“Alright buddy.” Dean said, hugging Sam, and Sam hugged back, nuzzling his head into Dean’s shoulder. “Hey, it’s alright. Forgive and forget, alright?”

“Alright Daddy.” Sam said. dean pulled away from Sam, breaking the hug, and Sam grabbed one of Dean’s hands and one of Cas’ hands.

“Ready to go to lunch, Sam?” Cas asked.

“Yes!” Sam smiled. Dean and Cas returned it and the three walked out of the door and to the kitchen.

How To Get Your Brother Out of a Spanking (Results May Vary)




I got a writing prompt a little bit ago: Ooh you should write a ficlet where daddy Cas is spanking Sammy and little dean hates hearing Sammy get spanked and tries to get Cas to stop even though Sammy deserves it! It’s okay if you can’t! Thanks! Xoxo

I’ve been workin on this bit by bit, and it’s finally done! It’s been ages since I wrote anything, so let me know how it is. This ficlet takes place in the swingsetverse. 🙂 

“Owwww! Daddyyy!” Sammy wailed from the living room. 

Dean winced. He knew he should do as Daddy said, and keep eating his lunch like a good boy. But hearing his little brother getting a spanking, his stomach was in knots. He lifted up his fork, but couldn’t seem to take another bite.

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Peter makes good stories!

Peter is a most excellent author ^_^