@dadstiel-n-sammy – you scared the shit outta me. I woke up to this in my email


I’ve never worried about shit like that because I know I’ve got no desires in that direction (because ew) so I wasn’t worried about posting while high. Ya know how all the filters can drop when high? So yeah, I totally wasn’t expecting something like that because it ain’t there to begin with but then BAM and I was like wait!!!!

When I checked the post, I was grossed out by the dude you WERE talking to, but very relieved it wasn’t me 😀

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This isn’t a recipe….”

Okay but y’all have mac n cheese in a can?

I’ve never had it in a can. We’ve got microwave-able containers that are decent and we’ve got the boxed kind you have to make on the stove. I’m sure there’s canned mac & cheese out there somewhere, I’ve just never seen it.

I still want a mac & cheese-on-a-hot-dog-bun dinner because it’s one of those things that sounds awful and good at the same time.

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If you mean verses as in like an AU of SPN fanfic kind of verse then I’d suggest you avoid that maya. I’d hate to hear that you got tied up in some drama (legal/financial/reputation). Just stay safe and watch out for yourself hun. If you think you can trust them then fine but I think you should keep your distance just in case.

Thanks. I used to sell my poetry when I was a teenager. Nothing that got a lot of money, but it was fun and I really didn’t give a shit about keeping my own intellectual property. It was for magazines and such.

And really I’m not all that concerned now because fanfic characters aren’t mine anyway, but the story is and I know there’s a chance I could change the names and make money off it if I wanted to try going that route.

But I definitely don’t like the idea of anyone trying to make money off the original creators by using their intellectual property. Donations/commissions is completely different than just plain selling books of someone else’s characters.

I just thought I’d toss the idea out there. Thank you 🙂

I was tagged by @royalrowena to show my lock screen. Thank you 🙂 I’m so boring. Once I find a combo I like, I stick with it for a LONG time. I’ve had the same wallpaper on my laptop and desktop computers for the last four years. So yes, my lock and home screens are …