Here’s a list of people I wanna talk to but my anxiety stops me (y’all should hmu please bc i cant lmao)

@startwreck (we need to talk about something else apart from the weather)

But what happens when we’re both socially awkward, anxious, and flailing?!

I haven’t even seen the last two seasons yet. I was waiting to binge it after I rewatched the entire series with my mom (who has never seen it before), but I keep stumbling upon spoilers (which I really don’t mind) and now I’m flailing because ACK!!


I’ve already decided they’re not dead. Like… have you seen the mock-ups fans have made where Skinner could’ve survived because he was between the tires? I mean he’ll be in the hospital recovering for a while, but HE LIVES.

Or maybe the nanocytes never really all left his system and everybody thinks he’s dead but the nanocytes are repairing his body and he’s fine and so is Kyrcek and Kyrcek is nursing him back to health and then they can live happily ever after with no one bugging them because everybody thinks they’re dead.

Yeah! THAT! 😀

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i like the unciron i there

*thumbs up*