@unforth-ninawaters, who hasn’t seen Dark Angel.

Do yourself a favor and check out Season 2. Alec (Jensen Ackles) is so FUCKING CHARMING AND ADORABLE AND FLIRTY AND HOLY SHIT.

Oh, and he actually plays two characters. You probably won’t understand much of what’s going on if you don’t watch from the beginning, but if you don’t feel like watching the whole series there are highlights on YouTube.

Search for Dark Angel + “Alec” or “Ben” and you’ll get his two characters.

His interaction with the main character (Max/Jessica Alba) is hot/sad because she’s an asshole and he’s got this devotion to her for reasons, but it’s fun to watch him trying to be all cute with her. And his interaction with Logan (Michael Weatherly) is hot too because Logan is iffy about him but Alec is all scary flirty with him.

Oh, and in the Dark Angel ‘verse, human/animal hybrids have animal characteristics, so there’s a lot of fic about Alec and Max going into heat 😀