[Fandom] takes the place of some of the functions of a church in a small town: A place where people come together, ostensibly to worship something. But really what’s happening is you’re forming a community. It’s less about what you’re worshiping and more about, “We have these interests in common.” Someone has a sick aunt and suddenly it’s about that, raising money to help her or sharing resources to make her life easier. That’s what it was about with The X-Files on the Internet.

David Duchovny, Los Angeles Times

I’ve never really seen any celebrity “get” fandom the way Duchovny did. A lot of people read that quote and, at the time, mistakenly read it as David saying he was like a god. But what he meant was that (as I believe he clarified elsewhere) fans didn’t need him to make an appearance. Fandom wasn’t about him. It was about us–the fans.

I want us to not forget that. When the fandom’s centre stops being the community of fans and becomes, instead, focused on–even blinded by–the glittering idol, then fandom itself becomes nothing more than idolatry–with all of us, as individuals, jockeying for a touch or a piece of that idol and stomping over each other to get it.

I’ve seen fandoms fall apart when that happens. I’ve seen fandoms become places where fans know and care more about the celebrities than we do about each other.

I know there are good reasons for fans to create personas and screen names. But this might be a good time to re-introduce ourselves to each other. And to think about how much more important that is than is meeting a famous person at the stage door.

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sculhy: Gillian’s a really hard working actress. I can tell you that much. A lot of times when I give up on a scene, she stays in there. She never doesn’t try to do it as well as she can. That can be pretty inspiring. And infuriating. – David Duchovny (November 8, 1998)

endellionaeternus: majesticduxk: alessariel: majesticduxk: alessariel: Oh my god. I was starting to think I had hallucinated this picture of David Duchovny, but it’s real. You see, back in the days more than a decade ago we had this X-Files calendar because me and my roomate both loved the X-Files. And it had this picture in …