DCBB: Five Days in May



Eeeeeeeeee!!  Now that we’ve been claimed, @shennanigoats and I are absolutely delighted to introduce you to the summary for our 129K DCBB, a labor of love co-written over the past five months, and based on Blue Rodeo’s song of the same title:

Five Days in May

When Hurricane Abby sprang up out of nowhere, nearly a month out of season, to pummel the tiny island where Castiel’s sister was getting married, his only thought was escaping the reception and his mother Naomi’s criticisms of his “lifestyle choices” to see the fury of mother nature in action.  He didn’t anticipate saving anybody’s life, and certainly not that of the most stunning man he’s ever seen.  

What starts as an anonymous encounter in the tiny shed they seek shelter in evolves into a whirlwind five days as they wait for the airport, damaged in the storm, to re-open. The deal they make is simple; avail themselves of this incredible sexual chemistry for as long as they’ve got, but no pretending this is something that it isn’t.  No last names, no identifying information, no strings attached.

But what should’ve been so simple turns complicated when Dean and Cas find themselves pushing all the boundaries they’ve set for themselves and one another.  When the airport finally reopens, it’s time to bid farewell to one another and to the magic of the week they’ve spent together.

It’s not until Dean is back home, struggling to adjust to his normal life, that he realizes they’ve made a terrible mistake.  The rules he set to keep things casual are backfiring on him now, preventing him from finding the man that, against all reason, he’s fallen in love with.  An unexpected phone call makes Dean suspect that Cas is looking for him, too, but as more time passes, the odds of actually finding one another again are looking grim.  Can what little information Dean gleaned help him find the elusive Cas?  And when he does, can two men leading two vastly different lives on opposite ends of the country somehow manage to make a go of it?


We can’t wait for all y’all to see it!!

And yes, @relucant , @deadmockingbirds1 , @bellarisatk , @mayalaen , @majesticduxk , @ellendd , @themishafiles , @knightfrog1248 @royalrowena and any other TDRA enthusiasts I’ve forgotten (I know there are a metric fuckton of you), this lovely longfic DOES qualify for inclusion to Team Dean’s Red Ass.

Obviously.  With Nanny (AKA Dangerousnotbroken) and I writing it, it could hardly do otherwise.


*does a ridiculously stupid-looking happy dance*


Congrats, you guys! I can’t wait 😀

*really hopes the challenge for Aug isn’t due until a week after the 15th* I’m not even 1/2 done w/ my DCBB and there’s Gishwhes, and I’m STRESSIN

Thanks for reminding us!  I am in the same boat as you with at least 15k left to write!  We can do it though, I have faith xo

We are going to amend the dates for this months challenge.  

Posting will start 12am PDT on the 20th and will end at 11.59pm on 23rd August.  

I will be posting a more detail post with the dates separately too.

Me: Yay!  I’m so relieved!  Putting a few finishing touches on my big bang fic, and we’re all d-

Brain:  But here’s this really cool idea!  It’s the perfect fic!  Trust me!

Me:  But I’m almost done with this fi-

Brain:  That one sucks.  No one will like it.  Write this new one.

Me:  But… I’m almost d-

BRAIN:  IDEA!!  IT’S REALLY FUCKIN’ COOL!  And you’ve wanted to write something like this for A LONG TIME!  DO EEEEET!!!