what are you working on?



Inquiring minds (i.e. me) want to know: Are you working on any fic or art lately? Any challenges or bangs?

You don’t have to give details if it’s a bang and you’re not allowed yet, but I wanna know what y’all are doing 🙂

*comes out of hiding* if you must know… 😛

  • I’m finishing up a Crowley fic so that it can be added to the @crowleybigbang
  • I’m finishing up Lost Souls so that it can make it’s posting date for the @spn-au-big-bang . It’s been a rough go as my co-author had a baby and I lost my job, got sick and life lol. But I think with the artwork that our artist made, set a new fire under our butts.
  • finishing up my 12 days of Christmas master list
  • working on some AU and ABO bingo prompts.
  • working on rare pair entry
  • trying to plot out my DJC Big bang idea
  • and graphics for the destiel creations challenge

Not super detailed know but I can give more info on some if wanted 🙂

OOH! You’re super busy! Look at all those!

Life gets in the way of fic so easily. Ugh. Sorry you lost your job and got sick. I hope you’re better soon and can get another job.

All those things look very interesting! I hope you get them done 🙂